Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday, April 29th 2005

I woke up at 730, I wanted to get to HCID earlier than usual so I could go out to lunch. I made breakfast, took out the trash, and left. I arrived at 815. I responded to emails in the morning, had a 1/2 hour meeting with Brett about an upcoming Arthroscopy conference, and then went to the post office in an attempt to buy stamps. They wouldn't let me buy the $700 worth with Brett's credic card.

When I got back I met with Maria-Jose and taught her how to process payments for the Polo Match. At 1130 Brett and I timed ourselves to see how long it would take to put 100 address labels onto the postcards we had printed up. We decided to outsource the job, I found a place next to the post office on 217 E85th, we took the supplies over. I then left for lunch.

I met Chris R. and Dave D. for a POWER luncheon on the NW corner at 50th and 5th. We walked to Au Bon Pain got our food and ate outside. We disbanded sometime after 1pm. I walked to 502 Park. When I got in I took the laundry downstairs and took Nick and Jack on the small loop in central park; I ran into Rachel on the way back. I bought some shampoo for Blake and some cleaning supplies at Home Depot. When I got back to 502 I oiled the hinges on the doors and met with CK for a few minutes. Later that afternoon I spent some time working on the stamp collection.

I took the dogs on another walk from 6 - 630pm. When I got back I unloaded the dishwasher and sat down for dinner. Molly made grilled chicken with a mango salsa. grits with corn, cilantro and turkey bacon, asparagus and a mixed green salad. I passed on the dessert, chocolate pancakes with chocolate pudding chocolate chips, anc chocolate sauce.

CK and Tio ate quickly in the living room. After they were done I cleaned up. It took me about an hour, I was done by 830. I made two car reservations and then took the dogs on a walk from 850 - 930. When I got in I changed into shorts and did a chest and shoulder workout in the basement.

CK gave me a file organizer, and Molly gave me the left overs so I had a lot to carry on the way home. I got a good connection and was at 1799 by 1115. I showered, and relaxed before going to bed.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Thursday, April 28th 2005

I woke up at 815, ate breakfast, and arrived at HCID by 930. This morning I wrote a few emails, then met with Brett for an hour and talked about the MicroCap project. We had a good discussion and attempted to refine the strategy for the coming months.

I don't know how successful we are going to be in marketing this product to healthcare companies or investors at this point. We are a ways a way from having enough value to make the product enticing. Brett remains optimistic.

I searched for some Investor Relations contacts, changed the survey a bit, and looked into bulk shipping rates. I left at 115, dropping off some card stock on the way to 502 Park. When I got to 502 I took the dogs on a 15 minute walk. At 2pm I grabbed some food and then met up with Adam at his apartment on 55th and 1st. Henry and Cookie were hanging out too.

We waited for Adam's convertable sofa to arrive--it was late, everything takes longer in NYC. A little after 3pm we took a walk over to a mexican restaurant on 2nd avenue and 52nd. They wanted to get some indian food buffet, but it was too late in the afternoon. We sat down and talked. I left around four and walked over to "Bike Heaven" to pick up CK's bike. I walked it back to 502 Park and then went to the grocery store downstairs to get some salads and bread.

I took Nick and Jack on a walk before dinner. It was raining slightly on my return. BK and "Tio" (a family friend from OK City) went out to eat. Myriam and I ate mexican food which Molly had prepared. We used it to create some burritos.

After dinner I spent about 5 minutes cleaning up. I went out and got Myriam a napoleon for dessert. When I got back I sat on the computer for a little while and then went to Viand to pay Tio's dinner bill (he had no cash, only a credit card). When I got back I vacuumed and mopped. I sat on the computer for about 30 minutes before taking the dogs on 'the big loop' in Central Park.

I left 502 at 930 and got a fast connection home. When I got to 1799 I took a shower, ate some left overs, read and went to bed.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wednesday, April 27th 2005

I had to force myself out of bed at 820 this morning. Cloudy days are condusive to sleeping late. I dunked my head under the faucet to get my hair in order, made a light breakfast, and listened to the news. I did not arrive at HCID until 940am.

I spent the morning primarily updating the Event Listings for the MicroCap database. I also wrote a few long emails to the girl working in Minneapolis. I really enjoy our coorespondence, although it is mostly business related, I try to sidetrack the message as much as possible.

I met with Brett and Gaiee to discuss the Research Study. At 1pm a women who was on "My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss" came in to meet for a lunch with Brett. I heard a few good stories from the show.

I left for 502 at 120pm. When I got in I made some lunch and then went to the townhouse on 70th to drop off some things. I stopped in at Bike Heaven, CK's bike was not yet ready, I bought a bike pump instead. I took the dogs for a walk upon my return, I saw Ethan Hawke talking on a cellphone.

At 4 I drank some milk and the did a back workout downstairs. The lady that lives next door to us in 9F propositioned me in the gym. She needs help cleaning her apartment, I offered her my number and told I would be happy to help if the price was right.

I sent in my rebates for the wireless router and touched base with CK who is in Oklahoma City. Simon, Myriam, BK, and myself ate dinner (chicken pot pie, salad, fresh fruit) at 615pm. Molly and James are in The Hamptons cleaning out the house.

After dinner, I had very little to clean up. I was done by 7pm at which point I watched some tv with BK and chatted on IM. I took Nick and Jack on a long walk at 8pm. I left one hour later; on the way out I met Allison, who did prepared some documents for the Charity Polo Match. She gave me the materials, we talked for a while, and then I caught the 6 to 110th.

When I got home I picked up some food at the Deli downstairs. They seem to know me well enough that I do not need to ask for my usual, they just get it ready. I took a shower and watched the last 1/2 of a Deadwood episode. I went to bed before midnight.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tuesday, April 26th 2005

I woke up at 8am, washed my face, made some oatmeal and read the news. I left for HCID at 9am.

When I got in I began working on the MicroCap database. I worked on the DB throughout the day, I managed to finish, for the most part, the Universe of 650 companies which we have assmembled. Otherwise, I spent my time putting the final touches on the HY Polo Postcard; 5000 copies will be printed tomorrow. I also spoke by phone to various insurance agencies, had a meeting with the staff to discuss the Polo Match, and listened to streaming internet radio.

I left the office at 5pm and after stopping at a store to get a couple of loaves of bread, went home. I had a really lazy evening. I installed a wireless internet router, which I found on for $10. I also watched 2 1/2 episodes of Deadwood, the show is too damn engrossing. It destroys my desire to do much else.

I made dinner here and showered. I went to bed around midnight.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday, April 25th 2005

I got up at 815 and made a good breakfast. I performed my typical morning rituals and then left with my laundry for HCID. I arrived at 930.

I met a new part time employee today, Maria-Jose. Brett has a knack for finding the *finest* help this city has to offer. I taught MJ how to use the FileMaker database and a slew of other tasks surrounding the upcoming charity Polo Match.

I redesigned a few of the press kits we will be sending out using Illustrator. We are in the process of changing the name of the event to the "Ivy Cup". I wrote a bunch of emails and at 2PM delivered some card stock and addresses to an associate of the Charity who is helping us with printing tasks. After returning from her office at 50th and Broadway I worked on the MicroCap database and listened to This American Life.

I finished up my laundry and left for home at 515. When I got home I folded my clothes and took a shower. I left to meet up with Rustam and Jill at 645. They were hanging out at 109th, we watched the Celtics. I left around 9. I stopped in at a grocery store on 110th and Broadway and purchased some overpriced food.

I took a car back, it smelled like my old Continental...a mixture of B.O. and the perfume my grandmother once wore. That odor never left the car. When I got home I ate and watched an episode of Deadwood. I have viewed the first nine episodes, I think it rivals the Sopranos in quality. I went to sleep around midnight.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Sunday, April 24th 2005

I woke up briefly at 930 but managed to fall back asleep until 1130. When I finally got up I made lunch and read the news.

A few minutes past 1pm I headed over to Morningside. I met up with Sanjit in front of Mudd. We hung out for a bit. He had to do some work for a class he had, I borrowed his ID and went to the CU gymnasium. I jumped rope and did some rowing; last night definately affected my performance, however I still managed a good workout.

When I finished I met back up with Sanjit in front of Hartley. There was a cookout when I arrived, I got some free food which I took up to Jeter's room. We hung out and watched some bball.

I headed back home at 445. When I got in I took a shower. I watched a few episodes of Deadwood. I did some reading and writing. I went to bed at 11pm.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday, April 23rd 2005

I got up at 845 and made a nice breakfast. I enjoyed the morning off; I did some reading and then watched an episode of Carnival (another HBO series I recently downloaded). I showered around 1030, got dressed and browsed the internet. I left for 502 Park at Noon.

When I got in I talked with BK and Myriam for a bit. I took the dogs on a walk at 1240. When I got back I:

1) Called Cleaners for a pick-up
2) Took two heavy boxes compiling an Emergency Preparedness Kit, by cab, to the townhouse. Swept the Entry.
3) Walked to Bed, Bath, and Beyond on 59th and 1st and picked up a $110 replacement pillow case (Nick or Jack had ruined one)
4) Mopped CK's room
5) Washed Nick and Jack
6) Took Nick and Jack on a walk with BK, we got back at 425 pm.

I was pretty tired when I got back. I relaxed for a little while, read the NY Times in the kitchen and ate some food. I almost fell asleep on the couch. At 7pm BK and Myriam came back from the movies. We ordered Serafina for dinner. CK joined us for the meal in the kitchen.

After dinner I put things in order, sat around for a little while, and then took the dogs on the "big loop" in Central Park. It started raining just as I was returning. I was quite fortunate the rain had held off so long.

I left 502 and got the NRW to Rector Street. It was pouring by the time I got off the train. I went to Mimi and Menka's apartment at 110 Washington Street. They live close to the World Trade Center. I was the first guest to arrive, as such I recieved exemplerary service.

Everybody and their mom was there: Dave, Rustam, Kyle, Gus, Adam. Srirup and Jones came through with Chris. Bean showed up latenight. The party was really quite good, everyone had alot of fun.

People started filtering out around 2am. Adam, Mimi, 2 chinese girls (I never caught the connection), and myself went over to a bar on 9th Ave and 14th Street, Adam's friend Andrew drove us. The bar was playing Salsa music, it made me want to learn how to dance.

I left at 330 and walked over to Union Square. I caught the 6 train home. I stopped in at the "Stop 1 Deli", downstairs from my apartment, and got some turkey so I could make a sandwich before I went to bed. I was asleep by 5.

Friday, April 22nd 2005

I was watching the Superbowl, the Green Bay Packers were in it this year versus the Rams. Brett was a commentator at the game. They mentioned HCID several times on the air, even John Madden mentioned us. I was going to send a congradulatory email to Maegan and the rest of the team, but I was in Weston and I had no email. I went downstairs and saw KK giving a lecture on why Helen of Troy ran off with Paris. I then went to McDonald's, I got in the wrong line and they laughed at me when I did not request any popcorn.

This was a dream I had before I woke up at 755am. I shaved and then took a shower. I heated up some lasagna I had taken from 502. I listened to NPR and read the news while I ate; I learned that bacon and eggs as a breakfast was popularized by a public relations campaign which was lead by a follower of Freud in the 1920's.

I arrived at HCID around 930 and worked on the MicroCap database for a few hours. At noon I helped Brett get 2 cabinets from a thrift store on 84th. We had to take them up to his apartment on the 4th floor. They were large but not too heavy.

The morning went quickly. When I got to 502 I took the dogs on a walk. I came back and made some food. I talked on IM for a while and then went to the shoe repair shop to pick up CK's wingtips. Rain was threatening all day but never materialized; walking dogs in the rain sucks.

I walked the dogs again at 415 for an hour. I put on their red raincoats, their outfits illicit responses from everyone, something which I would rather avoid. When I got back I relaxed in the kitchen with Molly. BK had to eat an early dinner, he left for a baseball game at 6pm.

Myriam, another Nanny, arrived at 6pm. She ate along with Molly and myself in the kitchen. Molly made spaghetti and turkey meatballs with garlic bread and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I finished cleaning up by 745. I then went downstairs and did a one hour chest and shoulder workout. The gym has great air conditioning.

When I got back upstairs I took the dogs on a short walk. I left at 935pm and caught the 6 back to my house. I showered and changed quickly. Nisha picked me up and we drove over to see Jess at her apartment on 109th. We hung out there for a while and then went to a bar, 1020, on 110th and Amsterdam. Sanjit came through a little later with Finn.

I caught a cab home at 1245, I went to bed about 45 minutes later.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Thursday, April 21st 2005

I got up at 730 and took a shower. Adam woke up a few minutes later, his back was hurting him from a night on my floor. I made a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich for breakfast, read the news and then left for HCID.

This morning I helped Brett with his cd player; he is having a cocktail party Friday night. We got to listen to music throughout the morning which was a pleasant change. I worked on the MicroCap database and then picked up a DVD player at Circuit City and some toner and paper at Staples. Maegan, Brett, and I had a meeting at 11 about the MicroCap databse and the look of the MicroCap portal. We also discussed the pitch.

I left HCID at 120pm and headed over to 502 Park Avenue. When I got in I made a wrap and then printed and erased the contents of my Blog. I took Nick and Jack to a veterinarian on East 75th at 235pm. They made me wait around for a while. I did not get back to 502 Park until 4pm or so.

I took CK's bike to Bicycle Heaven to get the shifter fixed, tires changed, and for a general tune up. I then walked over to Adam's apartment on 55th, his floors which were recently re-finished (the reason for his night on my floor) looked good.

I hung out there until 545 when I walked back to 502 Park. I hung out with Molly and Marla in the kitchen. KK came over and ate with BK in the living room. Molly, Marla and myself ate in the kitchen. Molly made a salad with strawberries, some wilde rice, asparagus and brussel sprouts, and almond encrusted grey sole. For dessert we had some white chocolate pudding on a piece of chocolate cake with assorted berries.

I cleaned up and then took the dogs on a long walk. I was back at 920pm. I wrote a note to CK and then left for home.

When I got in I set up a new Blog account and posted this. I changed the name of the blog to something more appropriate. I went to bed around 1130pm.