Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday, September 29th 2005

I got up and made a quick breakfast. I stripped my bed and collected my laundry and then headed over to HCID. I arrived at 945am; I had the place to myself. I did research on the 'Medtech 50' all day. Maegan showed up at 1230.

Work was relaxing, I did my laundry and chatted on IM when not working. I left at 430pm and returned home. I folded my clothes and then laid down on my sofa. I passed out from 6 - 630pm. When I got up I made some food and showered. At 730 I walked crosstown to Rustam's house, I talked to my Greg on the way.

I picked up some Natural and an Entenmanns cake. It was Rustam's 23rd birthday. Adam came over and Dave; Jill felt sick, I met their new roomate Francesca. At 1040 we went to '1020'. We bumped into Finn who ended up hanging around with us and doing some good Sanjit impersonations. I also saw Greg S.

I left at 1245 and walked back home. When I got in I made a snack and went to sleep.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28th 2005

I woke up at 815 when I dressed and ate. I left for HCID arriving by 930am. It was a decent day which went by quickly. First thing in the morning I picked up some papers which were bound at Kinko's on 77th.

Later that day I began working on the quarterly published digest demo. I wrote a few articles and edited much of the issue. I did some more research on the 'Medtech 50'. I left at 430pm and headed over to NYSC.

I completed a very good chest day and returned home by 630pm for a shower and dinner. At 755pm I took the train over to Adam's house in midtown. We hung out and watched part of 'The Life Aquatic'; I was sleepy and left at 1130 before the movie finished.

On the subway I read 'Sirens of Titan'. When I got in I sat on my computer for a while and went to sleep by 1am.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday, September 27th 2005

I was up at 815am for breakfast and some news. I arrived at HCID at 925am and had a meeting with Brett. I spent the greater part of the morning working on creating financial models of our microcap companies. BRJ is going to a conference in Ohio and need a prliminary analysis to present to some of the organizations there.

I took care of a few other items before leaving at 315pm. After work I returned home and took a catnap. At 6pm I took the train to Dave's house. We hung out and took a walk around the neighborhood.

We watched some tv, I left at 1015pm and returned home. I showered, read and went to sleep at 1215.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Monday, September 26th 2005

I woke up at 555am but sat in bed for another half an hour hoping to fall back asleep. I got up and read the news and at 7am made breakfast. I left for HCID by 8am.

It was a boring day at work punctuated by some pain in my left wrist which I suspect might resemble carpel tunnel. I revised a few documents and then set about making a financial model of the the current run rates of two-hundred some medical technology companies. I had a few meetings with Brett and left at 4pm.

After work I headed to NYSC for a below average back day. I was feeling run down when I returned to my apartment and showered. I made a large dinner at 630pm and then went out to the supermarket to pick up some supplies for this week.

I did a fair amount of writing and also some reading, 'Sirens of Titans'. I went to bed around midnight.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday, September 25th 2005

I awoke feeling rested at 11am. I ate a hearty breakfast and sat around my apartment. At 1pm I went down to 86th and met up with Jon S. at his apartment.

On the way over I saw a group of eight year olds breakdancing on the train. It was very impressive. On the way out of the station I bought an unactivated 30-day metrocard from a crackhead for thirty bucks! What more can you ask for.

Jon and I took a walk down Madison and into Central Park. We hung out at the reservoir for about an hour. We got some food at the supermarket and had lunch at his place.

We watched 'Constantine' which was incredibly corny on the new big screen tv Caveman purchased. I stayed at 212 E85th until 7 and then took the bus home.

When I got home I took a shower and made some food. I took care of some business and went to bed after doing some reading around 1130pm.

Saturday, September 24th 2005

I woke up at 1015am feeling not so great. I sat on my couch for an hour and then made breakfast. By 1130 I had motivated and hit up NYSC on 76th and 1st for a shoulder workout and 2000 meters on the erg.

I returned to my house and ate again after a shower. At 330pm I got on the train and headed to 51st where I met Goat. We walked around Central Park and made our way to the West Side. After stopping in at Tower Records we hit up a movie theater where we watched 'Thumbsucker' which I found somewhat enjoyable. I have trouble sitting through a full length film.

Afterwards Jonathon and I walked back to the East Side. At 730 we met Chris and went over to Fusia, a chinese restaurant. I hung out with them until 810pm when I left and picked up a burrito and walked to Adam's house.

Adam had been watching a movie when I arrived. He watched the last twenty or so minutes and then we purchased a couple of beers and strolled to the park on East 51st which overlooks the river. We sat around until 1015pm when we met up with Henry and Mimi on 2nd avenue. We went back to Adam's apartment.

Adam almost died after accidentally inhaling some gin (Henry had cracked a joke at an inopportune moment). He rallied and we went to a few bars in the area. I left at 2am and took the train back to my house. It tok a while because they are doing construction on the 456 at night. I was asleep by 315am.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Friday, September 23rd 2005

I woke up at 8am and arrived at work by 9am. I sent out some packagss and then met with Brett. We finished the greater part of the product overview documents. If I never see another .PDF it will be too soon. I updated the news and left at 445pm.

I walked home from 83rd and stopped in at the supermarket before ascending the 4 flights of stairs which lead to my penthouse apartment. I showered and made some food and sat around until 755 pm. I then dressed and went over to Adam's house.

We hung out until 930pm and then walked over to Steph G.'s aparment on 39th. Her friend Kristi was there, and Jonathon came over. At 1130 we went to a bar on 29th called Red Sky. It was a pretty neat place, with three floors and a roof deck. The bathrooms had fishtanks in them.

Kirubel and Rustam showed up with a friend. A girl who Jonathon knows also came. I stayed until 3am and then caught the train home. I got in at 4 and went to sleep after making a snack.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Thursday, September 22nd 2005

I got up at 8am sharp and after eating breakfast and sitting around left for work. I arrived by 9am and had a quick meeting with Brett. The day went by quickly, I worked on various tasks and stayed busy. Nothing interesting to report, nothing out of the ordinary.

I left at 4pm and went to NYSC for a chest workout. I was back home by 530pm for a shower and dinner. I didn't hang out long; at 615pm I caught the train to Queens and went over to Dave's house. I finished 'Blindness' on the trip over.

Chilled at Dave's until 930pm, Justin came over. They went to a concert in Tribecca, I hung out in Queens for a while.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday, September 21st 2005

I made myself vertical at 840am and whipped up some breakfast. I listened to the news and then left for HCID.

It was an interesting day. I further refined some of the marketing materials and then had a very productive meeting with a woman Brett had asked to help us out. We came up with some new concepts for our product. They will of course create many more hours of work for myself. I think we are moving in the right direction with the changes.

I left at 4pm and walked to Central Park. After walking around part of the reservoir I settled in a grassy area and read Saramago's 'Blindness'. At 515 I got up and walked to 100th and Broadway. On the way over I saw Fernando Ferrer giving a speech. I stopped and listened for a while--he sounded really corny. I will vote for Bloomberg in spite of his republican leanings.

I met Dave at 545. We hit up a Weng Chu's ping pong club and played several games. I have not played in over a year, we had a lot of fun and managed to work up a sweat. We left at 7pm and I caught the bus home.

It took me a while to get back to 1799; I talked to my mom en route. When I got home I made some dinner and relaxed. I read some more and went to be around 1130pm.

Tuesday, September 20th 2005

I apologize if my posts have been curt and brief lately. I'll write an interesting one soon. I woke up this morning at 9am, later than usual. The biggest advantage of my job is the flexibility with which I can show up and leave, and of course the dress code.

I got to HCID at 945am and continued to work on the marketing packages. AT HCID we like to create lots of marketing paterials but never try to sell our product. I left at 3pm and headed over to NYSC for a back workout. I wasn't feeling strong and had a poor workout.

I picked up some food at the supermarket and returned to my house and showered. I made some grub and then wrote some emails and did my laundry. At 830 I headed to Gael Pub to meet up with Jon S. and watch him drink a few beers. Drew came over. We left at 10pm, I took the bus home. I talked on the phone until I went to sleep at 1.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday, September 19th 2005

I got out of bed at 8am feeling very rested. I sat around for a little while and then left for HCID arriving by 915am. I spent the day working on various marketing materials. I wrote a lot of compelling copy. It was a pretty good day as it went by quickly.

I left at 515pm and took the train to Queens. I went to the supermkarket and got some food before heading over to Dave's house. We hung out, and watched Jeopardy; Nicole arrived at 7pm. We stayed at Dave's apartment except for a brief excursion to get some tacos.

I left at 945pm and returned to 1799 Lexington. I ate a large meal when I got home and had trouble getting to sleep. I did a lot of reading and did not nod off until 2am.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Sunday, September 18th 2005

I slept until 10am and then woke up and read the news. I ate a large breakfast, digested and then went to NYSC of 86th for 6000 meters on the erg.

After returning home I showered and hung around my apartment. At 245pm I went to Sheep Meadow in Central Park and met up with Jonathon. We relaxed, it was a very nice day. Chris R. came over at 530. We went to a pizza place on 64th and 1st.

At 745pm we returned to Goat's apartment. Derek was there; we watched the Simpsons and then I went home. I did some reading and went to sleep at 1030pm.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Saturday, September 17th 2005

I woke up at 830am for some breakfast and the news. At 1000am I went to 81st and checked out a sofa I saw one Craigslist. It was a great deal but had sold by the time I arrived. I went to the bank afterwards and ordered some checks. At 1040 I hit up NYSC for some random lifts and a little time on the erg.

I returned to my apartment for a shower and lunch. At 1pm I went to Century 21, a discount clothing store near Wall Street and bought some underwear. The place was a zoo. I stopped by Derek and Jonathon's apartment on my way back and hung out with them until 530pm.

I returned to my home and shaved. I sat around for a couple of hours and did some reading. At 830pm I went to Mimi's apartment and hung out with her. Adam stopped by; we chilled until 12 and then took a cab to Alphabet City. We went to a few different places.

At 315am I took the 4 train uptown to 125th and then got a 6 train to 110th. I went to sleep at 430.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Friday, September 16th 2005

I woke up, ate and left for HCID. I got in at 930am and set about a day of database busting. I finished cleaning up the medtech microcap section and added contacts. I updated the news. I left at 215pm.

I headed to NYSC on 86th for a shoulder workout and then went home for a shower. I ate and then got really sleepy. I passed out for a good hour and did some reading. I sat around until 7pm and then went over to Steph's apartment.

I met up with her and then Jon came over. We chilled for a bit and then took a cab down to Avenue C and 7th. We met up with Derek, Derek's roomate, and Goat; Rachel stopped by for a bit as she was in the area.

We went to another bar down by Delancey, after checking out the scene we headed down to 83rd. I took the subway home form there. I got in around 2am and went to sleep.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Thursday, September 15th 2005

I woke up at 8am for breakfast and then set off for HCID. I worked on various tasks and had a productive meeting with Brett. We worked on a new pitch for IR companies.

I left at 245 and went to a dentist in Midtown. At 445 I took the 6 back to 1799, where I showered and ate. I answered some emails and browsed the internet. A headache came over me and killed my desire to go out that night.

I hung around and relaxed. I read a lot of 'Blindness' by Jose Saramango and went to sleep at 1130pm.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Wednesday, September 14th 2005

I woke up at 7am and made a large breakfast. I sat around until 815am and then left for HCID. After arriving I set aobut sending out some packages. I then cleaned out some duplicates from the California listings. I spent the rest of the day expanding the contacts database.

I listened to some itneresting 'This American Life' including one I would recommend regarding Katrina. I left at 2pm and went to NYSC for a chest workout.

When I got home I showered and ate. I read the news; the prospect of John Roberts becoming our next Chief Justice (for most of my lifetime!) leaves me worried. I realize now that conservative fundamentalists planned Hurrican Katrina to distract the rest of the country from his confirmation hearings.

At 630 I went over to Rachel's house in Queens. I hung out there until 1130 and took the M60 bus to 125th and walked home. I went to sleep at 1am after Reading 'Blindness'.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tuesday, September 13th 2005

I was up at 8am and at work by 9am. I spent the day at HCID reworking some advertisements, recruiting new telemarketers, and working on the contacts database. It was a hot day and the lack of air conditioning made me cranky. I left at 2pm and went home.

I did a little work from 1799. At 4pm I took a shower and made some food. I picked up a few things at the supermarket. At 530 I took the 456 to the NRW and headed to Rachel's apartment. We hung out with her roomate Christina before taking a walk over to Costco.

I had wanted to go to the park nearby but it had closed. Rachel and I hung out there before walking over to Dave's apartment. We hung out with Dave until 10pm when we returned to Rachel's house. I left at 1130 and took the train home and went to sleep.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monday, September 12th 2005

I woke up at 910am with some difficulty. I had gotten more than enough sleep but still felt tired. I made a quick breakfast and then left for HCID. When I arrived I met with Brett. I then assembled a bunch of packages to send out to potential member companies.

I worked on expanding our contacts database the rest of the day. At 330pm I left and headed over to NYSC for a mediocre back day. I finished by 430, went home, showered and ate.

I sat around for an hour and then folded some laundry. At 730 I went over to Goat's apartment on East 52nd. We hung out and caught up, he showed me some of his pictures from Greece. We checked out his roof which has amazing views of Midtown Manhattan.

I left at 1030 and returned to my apartment. I went to sleep around midnight after reading some of Samuel Pepy's biography.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Sunday, September 11th 2005

I woke up at 815am and returned to 1799. I had breakfast and a shower. I read before falling asleep from 10am to 1245pm. When I woke up I sat around and read the news while listening to the radio.

At 2pm I hit up the Supermarket on 116th for some more food; I made lunch. At 330pm I went over to Dave's apartment in Queens. We chilled out there and watched some of the US Open. A few hours later we took the N to the West Side and met up with Rustam at his apartment on 109th.

We sat around with Rustam and Jill, and met a new roomate David. At 830 we went to Lion's Head, a bar around the corner, to watch the Colt's game. Rustam is a big Colts fan and holds a well founded grudge against the Patriots.

I didn't hang out too long. I left at 930 and walked crosstown to my apartment. I went to sleep at 11pm.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday, September 10th 2005

I was up at 8am reluctantly. I packed up some laundry and headed over to the townhouse. There was no downtown local service so I had to go up to 125th and then down to 59th before getting to 68th. I had a 9 - 5pm shift housesitting.

I talked with James for a while before he took off. I did not manage to fall back asleep. I spent the day eating and reading while hanging with the dog Ted. I finished most of the book I had been reading and enjoyed some time on the patio perusing the NY Times.

Rachel arrived for her shift at 5pm. We chilled in the newly furnished living room and had some drinks. At 1120 I headed to "The No Malice Palace" for Jess' birthday. Nicole and Dave , Emma, Liz, Rustam and Jill and a few other friends of Jess made appearences. At 2am I split a cab back to 70th with Rustam and Jill.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday, September 9th 2005

I was up at 8am at the townhouse after a poor night's sleep. I ate some leftovers and watched morning television waiting for Rosario to come. I was relieved at 910am and took the bus over to HCID.

I had a bunch of meetings with Brett throughout the day. We discussed our marketing strategy. I updated the news, checked up on some of the data entry monkeys, and sent out some packages. I left at 230pm.

I headed to NYSC for a shoulder workout, which felt good. Afterwards I headed home and ate some food before getting a haircut by my guy at 108th. I went home and showered and did some reading in bed. I nodded off for 20 minutes.

When I woke up I ate again and went to Duane Reade to pick up some hygeine products. At 8pm I went over to Jon S. apartment on 85th. We hung out, went to Subway and waited for Nadia to arrive. We met her around 1015pm and headed to a friend of Jon's apartment on 47th and 8th.

The place was really nice, it filled up quickly with Jon's assemblage of frat brothers. I left at 1230am and attempted to meet up with Steph and Lindsay, but my phone died en route. I resigned myself to going home--the connections were horrible, it took me over an hour to reach 1799.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Thursday, September 8th 2005

5,000 HITS!!! In honor of this momentous occasion I have decided to post the specific events of my day.

I woke up at 830am for breakfast, the news and HCID. I made it to work at 930am and stayed until 3pm at which point I returned home and showered. I hung around until 430 when I left for the townhouse.

James had called me earlier in the week asking if I was interested in housing. I decided to do it because I enjoy getting paid to do absolutely no work. I showed up at 5pm, but was informed I did not need to be there until 9pm. I hung out anyways and chatted with James.

I took one of the new bikes CK purchased, a bright blue and chrome beach cruiser, for a 45 minute ride around Central Park. The bike was ridiculous, but enjoyable. It was the first time I have ridden in some time. I got back at 6pm and hung out with Molly and Marla.

We all chatted and hung. There was an impromptu staff BBQ; CK and BK had left for Montreal. Joshua came over. We had a very nice dinner outside, Molly made turkey burgers. At 9PM we disbanded and I went on a dog walk with Ted.

I met up with Rachel on the walk. We returned at 930, the rest of the staff went out to some bars. We hung out until midnight, when I used the computer and went to sleep around 1am.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday, September 7th 2005

I woke up at 830am and arrived at HCID one hour later. I worked on the database, prepped some records, added contacts and organized some mailings. I was the only one in the office until MJ arrived. I listened to This American Life to keep my company.

I left at 3pm and headed to NYSC for a chest workout. I was home and showered by 415 and ate some food. I surfed the internet for a while before falling asleep at 5pm for an hour.

I wasted the rest of the night. I feel ashamed for having let an evening so uneventfully. I read a hefty chunk of 'Indian Summer of Love' before falling asleep.

Jhon Thumb at the Pussy Cat Lounge

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Rustam and Adam at Nicole's BBQ

Dave and Char

Tuesday, September 6th 2005

I was up at 830 for breakfast and the news. I arrived at HCID and met with Brett, we discussed our respective Labor Day's before jumping headlong into work. I stsyed until 430 and accomplished a good amoount. Brett is attending a conference for MicroCap companies tomorrow and needed some help preparing.

I came home and showered after work. At 6pm I took the train to Union Square and met up with Rachel. We hung out and walked around until 730 when we took the NRW to Rector Street.

I met my cousin, Jhon Thumb at the Pussy Cat Lounge. We caught up a bit, enjoyed some drinks in the strip club downstairs and waited for his slot. Dave and Adam came through after work. He went on at 845 for a 50 minute set; I was very impressed by the performance.

Four of us headed out at 1030pm. I went back to my place for some food and reading before bed.

Monday, September 5th 2005

I woke up at 10am on this Labor Day. I relaxed in the morning, reading the news at a liesurely pace and enjoying a large breakfast. I let my food digest and then went over to NYSC for a heavy back day. It took me roughly an hour to finish after which point I returned home and showered.

At 245PM I collected myself and caught the 6 to the 4,5 to the A (reading my book all the while) and met up with Nicole at her apartment in Bed Sty Brooklyn. I arrived at 345 after a series of poor connections. We hung out and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive. Eventually Rustam and Adam and then Dave and Charlene came through. Nicole BBQ'd some chicken, burgers, sausage patties. Later Rustam picked up some steaks and corn.

We hung out on the patio until 10pm. I had great connections onthe way home, it took me about 1/2 hour door to door. I was very tired after arriving and went to bed at 1130.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Sunday, September 4th 2005

Woke up at noon and hung out for a bit. It was another beautiful day. I made breakfast and did some laundry. I fell asleep at 230 for about an hour.

At 430 I hopped on the train to Queens and met up with Dave at his apartment. We hung out, then hit up a park and sculpture garden near his apartment. We watched some television, nothing out of the ordinary.

I left at 1130 and went home. I went to sleep at 1 feeling rested for the first time in a while.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Water Taxi Beach

Water Taxi Beach

Adam and Dave waiting to go to Water Taxi Beach

Sunset from my roof

Sunset from my fire escape

1/2 Doug, Rachel

Butler Library at Night, Columbia

Saturday, September 3rd 2005

I woke up briefly at 9am but fortunately fell back asleep until 1110am. I had breakfast and left for NYSC on 86th by 1130 for a shoulder workout. I finished up and returned to my apartment for a shower and more food.

At 130pm I took the train to Adam's apartment. Dave met us there and we walked to the Water Taxi Stand on 34th Street. We just missed the ferry to Water Taxi Beach and ended up waiting until 333pm for the next ride over.

The ferry ride was less than five minutes. Water Taxi Beach is more or less a sandy bar with great views of Manhattan. We enjoyed some 24oz PBR's which were only $2 a piece. Dave got a little too much sun and did a face plant in the sand. He took a cab home. Adam and I hung out at the beach until 715pm when we got a return fare.

I took a bus crosstown to the subway and headed back to my place. I passed out briefly. Rachel woke me at 9pm. We hung out at my apartment for a while and then went to a Sushi Bar for some drinks and to meet up with D. Taff. The Sushi place was having an all you can eat and drink special and was very raucous.

We walked over to McFaddens--I dislike that bar. Rachel and I went over to an Irish place with live music. The band was reminiscent of Sublime. I headed back to 1799 at 230.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Friday, September 2nd 2005

I was up at 830 and at work by 930. Maegan, myself and Mike (helps out sometime with tech stuff) were in the office. I stayed until 330 working on a number of projects including the expansion of our circulation database.

After work I stopped by NYSC and made a half assed attempt at some cycling. I didn't have it in my and only squeeked by with twenty minutes worth and some light lifting. I went home and showered and then proceeded to sit around for about two hours.

At 8pm I took the train to Adam's apartment. Dave and Azaam were there. We hung out, I enjoyed a "Ballin' Coors". Nicole and Charlene came over around 10pm.

At 11 we piled into a minivan cab and went to Ed and Tara's apartment in Chelsea. Rustam and Jill were there as well as Kirubel and his friend Steve. It was a decent 'dinner party'. We took a cab to Avenue C and 9th at 130 and hit up an NYU roof party. We stayed there for a few minutes and then walked over to Avenue A. Our crew had grown substantially--maneuvering was difficult.

I left at 3am and made it home by 4am. After a snack I went to sleep.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Thursday, September 1st 2005

I got out of bed at 830 and went to HCID about an hour later. I finished training a new data entry employee, met with Brett a few times, fixed up some marketing materials, and worked on a few other tasks.

At 11am I went to the Deli nextdoor and witnessed a homeless man buying an overpriced 30oz Heineken. I'm too cheap to buy beer from this deli.

I left HCID at 3pm and went to NYSC for a chest workout. I was home by 430, I showered and finished eating by 5pm. I sat on the computer until 715 doing a little more work for HCID. Rachel came over at 730, we hung out at my apartment for a while and then took a cab to Morningside.

We went to Strokos for some pizza, hung out on the steps, went to the Heights for a bit, then stopped by Riverside Park. I went home at 1230, and was asleep by 130.