Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Wednesday, August 31st 2005

Lazy day. I got up at 845 for my usual morning routine. I arrived at HCID by 1000 after dropping some shirts off at the cleaners and picking up some chicken at the deli.

I spent several hours cleaning up the database. As much as I dread database work, it does allow me some time to listen to 'This American Life'. I have almost exhausted the program's 5 or so years of archived shows. I will need a new source of recorded entertainment soon.

I left at 3pm after some Human Resource work. I went home and sat around for a few hours before showering. I stopped by Duane Reade.

At 7pm I seperated the quarters from my pile of change which I have accumulated over the past 10 months--I managed to fill an entire keg cup full of quarters. I placed the quarters into a large sock, went downstairs and beat a homeless man to death with my new weapon. I brought the rest of the change (dimes, pennies, nickles) by subway to the PathMark on 125th Street where I cashed in (utilizing a coinstar) the $36 in change for some groceries.

I returned to my apartment and made some dinner. I wasted the rest of the night perusing the internet, looking at real estate. I went to bed around midnight after reading some of my new book.

Tuesday, August 30th 2005

I woke up, relaxed for a bit and left for HCID arriving by 940am. I worked on various tasks including the training of a new data entry person in Chicago named Bill. I left at 215pm.

I went to NYSC on 86th for a back workout. I was fairly exhausted upon completion. I was back at my apartment by 4pm for some food and a shower. I folded my clothes and picked up my apartment which led to my cleaning most of the surfaces. At 545 I layed down for a 15 minute nap.

At 625 I caught the train to Union Square. I went to Filene's Basement but did not find the item I was looking for. I met up with Chris R. at a burger place on 12th and 3rd. After Chris finished eating we walked to a coffee shop and hung out for a bit.

At 830 I took the subway to the townhouse and met up with Rachel. I left at 1240 and returned to my apartment for a good night's rest.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Monday, August 29th 2005

I woke up at 915 for some breakfast. I left for HCID not soon after, arriving by 1030am. I spent the day doing assorted tasks. Nothing interesting to report. It was Brett and I in the office, Maegan was working from home. I put together some packages and tracked some of the other data entry people's progress.

I left at 4pm and went to the supermarket before returning home. I washed my bedding in the machines downstairs, ate some food and showered. At 6pm I took the rest of my laundry over to the townhouse. CK is in the Hamptons, I hung out with Rachel while she housesat.

We took Ted on a walk and watched an episode of Deadwood. I left at 1030pm and returned to my apartment. I read the internet and some of my book before turning in around midnight.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday, August 28th 2005

My alarm woke me at 830, I got up with some reluctance. I showered and then had breakfast. I took the train to Hertz on 64th and met up with CK and James. After some wrangling they rented me a Buick Lesabre.

I drove to the Maidstone Arms Inn in East Hampton. The drive took me approximately two and a half hours. I arrived around 1pm. I had lunch at the restaurant next door. I got a table to myself in the garden and enjoyed a spinach salad with asiago cheese, pine nuts and prosciutto in a rasberry vinagrett. I also had a rare texas tuna burger, I finished off the meal with some decaf coffee.

I took a stroll through town and met the bus at 3pm. The 'Jitney' came at 320pm and took about 3 hours to get back to Manhattan. I started a new book. After I got back to the townhouse I made up a timecard and took the subway to 86th. I did a shoulder workout at NYSC.

I was back at my apartment at 830 for a shower and some dinner. I talked on the phone for a couple of hours and then sat around until 12. I tried to go to sleep but could not until 3am. I did some reading and wasted time.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Saturday, August 27th 2005

I stayed in bed until 1115 although I was up at 8. After I got up I cleaned up a little bit, showered and made breakfast. I left for the Townhouse at 1220pm.

CK wasn't around when I got in so I got to relax for a little while. I used the computer, picked up some groceries, and made some bus reservations on CK's behalf. I took a catnap with Ted in the office.

When CK got back I talked with him for a few minutes and picked up some beverages for tonight. I used the computer some more, called the cable company, but otherwise sat around until we left for dinner.

Myriam, BK and myself went to Planet Hollywood in Times Square. I would have liked to go to a real restaurant, but Myriam has the urge to go. The car picked us up at 555pm and dropped us off at the restuarant. The area was swarming with tourists. The food was horrible. At 735 another car came and drove us back to the T.H.

CK had some friends over for drinks. I was bartender, they left at 845 and I finished cleaning the kitchen. I took Ted on a final walk packed up my things and left the house at 935 pm. I got home and wasted time; I had trouble falling asleep.

Friday, August 26th 2005

I woke up at 645am, made a large breakfast and read the news online for a while. I took a shower at 830 and then dressed and headed to HCID.

I had difficulty focusing today as I was the only one in the office. I managed to get a few things done. I left at 1240pm and walked to Modell's Sporting Goods and bought a shirt. I then printed out some pictures of Ted at CVS and purchased some timecards for CK.

When I got to the townhouse I did a bunch of paperwork for CK. I walked Ted a few times, including one walk with Myriam and Joshua. Ted napped on my lap while I worked on the computer.

At 545 I hung out with Molly and waited for dinner. I practiced piano with BK. CK and BK were out, we had a large staff dinner on the patio. Laurent, Joshua, Myriam, Molly and myself gathered for my last dinner--we had chicken stuffed with spinach, fresh pasta with a tomato basil sauce, and a large mixed salad. Molly got me a cake which read "Good Luck Doug" but they altered it to read, "Good Fuck Doug"; hardy har har.

We ate at a liesurely pace. At 745pm I started cleaning up, I was finished by 835 at which point I took Ted on a final walk. After returning I set some mousetraps and left.

I took the bus to 59th and waited for Rachel. We met up at the station and went to Opal for a drink. We met up with Adam, Charlene, Azaam and Nicole at some bar on 47th. We went to Mcfaddens even though I didn't want to. After a stop at McDonalds Charlene and Nicole left along with Azaam. Adam, Rachel and myself stopped by Azeem's (no spelling error) apartment. There were a bunch of Psi U kids I hadn't seen in a while: Tayo, Alok, Gerun and a few others.

We left around 2 and went to one other place. I was home by 3am.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Chef Molly and Doug at the Townhouse


Ted licking his balls

Jones, Doug, Jason at a Party on Saturday 8/20

The range of human emotion being expressed here is staggering.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday, August 25th 2005

I got a little less than ten hours of sleep and woke up around 815am. I would need the rest for the day that lay ahead. After breakfast I took the train to NYSC on 86th for chest day. I showered there and then walked over to HCID arriving by 11am.

I stayed until 1pm and did a little background research on some of the companies we are trying to make pitches to. I also answered some HR related emails. I took the bus to the townhouse. I changed into my uniform, I felt ridiculous as the only shirt I had left is very flamboyant.

It was an exhausting day. I had a very long list of things that needed to be done. I picked up some pictures, got some shoes shined, opened mail, took a photo of the dog's face, broke down and reassembled a dresser, fixed the printer, went to Fedex, collected some groceries, walked Ted twice, made some reservations. Myriam taught me how to tie a necktie. I didn't have much time free.

Molly, Laurent, and myself ate dinner outdoors. The chef prepared new potatoes, glazed carrots, and roasted lamb with a mushroom reduction. CK had friends over for drinks at 7pm. I helped serve them, cleaned up and took the trash out. I set some mousetraps.

At 815 I took Ted on his final walk. I met up with Jess and Tayina at a restaurant on 73rd and 1st. I chatted for a few minutes and then returned to the T.H. I used the computer before leaving.

I was home at 935 pm, I went to sleep before 11.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday, August 24th 2005

I woke up at 6am and made some breakfast at 7am. I showered and went back to sleep from 8 - 9am after which point I dressed and headed off for HCID.

I had a long meeting with Brett in the morning. We discussed database development and digest circulation. I spent a few hours taking stock of where we were at and organizing a plan for the next couple of months. I emailed some of the other employees and placed some ads in Craigslist for some low paid data entry bitches.

I left at 1230pm and headed over to the townhouse. I changed into my uniform and greeted the staff who I had not seen in sometime. Today I went to Petco on 86th two times, stopped off at Fedex, developed some pictures at CVS, took a walk with Chef Molly and Ted (Ted is the new Boston Terrier...I liked him and I'm not a fan of animals), stopped off at Gracious home, and sent some pictures to Oklahoma for the staff directory.

At 6pm I took Ted on another walk. I tried picking up the pictures from CVS but they wouldn't allow the dog in. I came back to the T.H. and hung out with Molly in the kitchen. Dinner was served at 645, we had some type of fried white fish, wild rice, asparagus, and a mixed salad. Laurent, another staff member who I refer to as the 'vacation specialist' because he always accompanies the family on lavish vacations, joined us.

I cleaned up, finishing by 745pm. I sat on the computer and watched some tv with BK. I took Ted on a final walk at 830pm and left by 9pm. When I got home I used my computer and went to sleep at 1030.

Tuesday, August 23rd 2005

I was up at 11am. I made breakfast and relaxed for a while. I stopped by the doctor's office, and was forced to wait for an hour or so before getting a checkup. While in the waiting room I watched a daytime makeover show--there was a 30 minute segment on some guy who got a haircut. I was out by 2pm.

I stopped by the Supermarket before walking back to my apartment. I ate and sat around for an hour. At 315pm I went to NYSC on 76th for a back workout. I was home by 530pm for a shower. I hung out until 7pm.

I went to Rachel's apartment in Queens. We hung out for a while and then went to the Bohemian Beer Garden for a couple of beers. We sat outside in the open air, it was a quiet night for the bar. At 11 we went back to her apartment and relaxed.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BBQ at Srirup's

Aunt Nancy's house for Adrian's 17th Birthday

Bill, Doug, Nancy, Adrian

Jones and Srirup

Bean and Ilia

Jones and Liam on the way to Boston

Rachel BBQing at the Townhouse

Sunset from the roof of my apartment.

Monday, August 22nd 2005

I woke up at 930am and waited until Srirup and Jones roused. They got up around 10, soon after we went to move Jones' car and stopped by Shaws.

At 1130 we drove to South Station and met up with Arni. We drove some more, and ended up returning briefly to Srirup's apartment. We then went to BurritoMax in Kenmore Square and ate in the park (the burrito sucked).

We dropped Arni off at Umass Boston at 2pm. I was suprised how nice the campus was. We stopped by Srirups apartment and got some bathing suits. At 330pm we drove to the Weston Reservoir and hopped the fence. We chilled out in the woods and went for a dip in the cool, clean drinking water.

At 515 we returned to Brookline and I showered. We sat around for a bit. At 730 Srirup and I went to the supermarket to pick up some supplies for the bbq. Bean, George, and Ilia came by. Srirup prepared a feast of steak, chicken, roasted eggplant, mushrooms and onions. We also had some of FJ's chili.

At 11 we walked over to 'The Kells' for a drink. We returned to the apartment and packed our stuff. Jones and I decided to drive back tonight. We left at 1am and I was back at my apartment by 430. I made some food and went to sleep.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Sunday, August 21st 2005

I was up at 10am but stayed on the futon for a few minutes. Ilia got up for around an hour at 11am, but went back to sleep. I bid my time watching television, looking on the internet, and sitting around for the next few hours. I went out and got a sandwich at Kiki's.

Ilia finally got up at 230pm--I was really bored at this point. I showered and then Bean, Srirup and Jones came over. We hung out for a little while and then drove over to John's (George's brother) apartment in Brighton. I stayed there until 530pm. My dad picked me up and we drove to Rockport.

It was Adrian's 17th birthday, Lina and Aunct Nancy were there. A friend of Nancy's and her daughter also came over. We had a good dinner prepared on the barbeque. It was nice seeing everybody. Adrian and I went for a spin in my dad's car.

At 900 my dad and I drove to a restaurant near Fenway. He dropped me off with the crew. Jones, Srirup, FJ and I returned to Srirup's apartment. We stayed there until midnight when we went to Our House (a bar). We left at 1am, I went to bed at 130.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saturday, August 20th 2005

I woke up at 7am and made some breakfast. I sat around for a little less than an hour and then took the subway to 86th. I wanted to hit up the NYSC there, but the management never showed up to unlock it so I walked over to the club on 91st which is subpar at best. I had a shoulder workout and then took a bus home.

I stopped by a deli before returning to my apartment for a shower. I made some food and browsed the web for far too long--sometimes my attention span deteriorates to the level of a five year old with severe ADD, I was ready to get moving. Jones finally called me at 130pm and told me he was leaving L.I. I took the subway into the Bronx and met his minivan on the corner of Castle Hill Avenue. We were off at 205pm.

The ride to Boston took around 4 hours. He brought along his cat which did not stop 'meowing' until Jones placated it by placing it on his lap. We arrived at Ilia's house at 630pm and relaxed. I tried but was unable to nap.

We picked up some food at Kiki's. Srirup and Bean came over. At 1030 we went to Srirup's apartment and stopped by a party his neighbors were throwing. Jason came by with his friend John.

At 1130 we went over to Rokie's house for a really weak party. We hung out until 230am and then everyone went to get some Chinee Foo at Ho Hing. We returned to Srirup's apartment. I was pretty tired and cranky at this point and was fiending for a clean place to put my head down. I stuck it out for a while, and then at 415am Ilia and I split a cab back to his place. I slept on the futon.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Friday, August 19th 2005

I got up at 815am and after a solid 45 minutes of morning relaxation went over to HCID. I met with Brett first thing for about an hour. We discussed the possibility of outsourcing some of our data entry needs to chinese and indian to the 'data entry sweatshops'. I sent out a few packages and updated the news section of our portal. I left at 120pm.

I walked over to the Lenox Hospital imaging center on 77th. I got an x-ray and then an MRI. I managed to sit perfectly still for over 40 minutes. I will find out if my stress fracture has healed next week.

I was done by 330. I went over to NYSC on 76th for 20 minutes on a bike and some stretching. I walked to the townhouse relieved James and made some food. Today was my last day housesitting.

Rachel came over at 630, we hung out. She brought some homeade chili and cornbread which we ate at 930pm. At 1130 we went to Seleme's apartment and met up with a bunch of his fraternity brothers. Around midnight we all headed over to Gael Pub; Lauren and Lauren were there coincidentally.

Rachel and I left at 130 and walked back to the T.H. I got a call from James around 3am, he asked if he could crash at the place as he did not feel like making the trip home and then returning for his early morning shift. I agreed and left at 3am. I went to my apartment and was asleep around 4am.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thursday, August 18th 2005

I had to get up early before the workmen arrived at the townhouse. At 7am I emptied the dishwasher, made some breakfast and talked for a bit. I was ready to fall back asleep but I waited for Caesar to arrive.

I sat around all day, alternating between sleep, eating, surfing the internet, and watching bad television. It was a horrible waste of a day. At 5pm I went to NYSC at 59th for a chest workout.

I returned to the townhouse by 630 and picked up my laundry. I brought it home and showered. I took a brief nap and folded some clothes. At 9 I took the train to Dave's house in Queens. We discussed our mutual hatred (lol, or am I?); Alex stopped by for a few minutes.

I left at 1050 and was home by 1122. I talked on the phone before hitting the sack and getting some much needed rest.

Wednesday, August 17th 2005

I was up at 8am for breakfast and an hour of morning relaxation. I took my time reading and listening to the news. I left for HCID arriving by 925am. Most of my morning was devoted to sending out letters to sponsor candidates for the resource section of the database. I did a few other small things; I left at 1pm.

I went to LensCrafters at the spur of the moment for an eye exam so I could order new contact lenses. They charged me a lot of money and did nothing. I went to my barbershop on the way home; my usual guy wasn't in so I settled for a crappy haircut by one of the younger kids in the shop (what part of don't shave my entire head do they not understand??)

I showered and collected my laundry. I had to return to LensCrafters to get my eyes checked with my contact lenses in. At 4pm I took a bus to the townhouse. I was early so I dropped off my laundry and walked back and forth to the park.

I chatted with James on my return before he left. I sat around on the computer. At 630 Rachel came over. We went to the Food Emporium and got some steak and materials for shish kabobs. We grilled on the back patio. After dinner we hung out, watched an episode of Deadwood, stayed up too late.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday, August 16th 2005

I was up at 830am and out the door by 915. I arrived at HCID and got to work sending out some packages. I went out to Staples to get some 32lb bright white paper and to the post office to pick up some stamps.

At 1120 I walked over to my orthopaedist for a check up on my ankle. She looked at it for 5 seconds and gave me a prescription for an MRI and X-Ray. I made an appointment for this Friday.

I was back at HCID by 1245. I worked on some marketing materials for resource sponsors. I edited some copy and picked some people who I thought would benefit from hearing about our product.

I left a little after four and headed to NYSC for a back workout. I was home by 6pm for a shower and dinner. I sat around for a couple of hours; I finally folded the clothes which have been piled on the foot of my bed.

At 830 I went to Midtown East (or the 'Middle East' as we like to call it) and met up with Nicole, Charlene and Adam. I met them at RxEmedy and drank some water. We went to another bar afterwards. I walked down to 59th with Charlene and caught a subway home. I managed to get to sleep by midnight.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Monday, August 15th 2005

I woke up at 9am for a quick breakfast before leaving for HCID. I had a good day at work--the day went by easily. I fixed some .pdf's, prepared some kits for potential members, set up a new news gathering service, wrote some copy for a letter for resource providers. I had a meeting with Maegan and Brett about the tutorial we are putting together before I left at 5pm.

I stopped by the townhouse after work and hung out with Rachel for a little while. At 630 I caught a bus to the train and went to Dave's apartment in Queens. Kicked it there; at 10 Nicole and Charlene came over.

I left at 11 and returned home. When I got back I shaved, showered and ate some food before going to sleep at 1245.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Sunday, August 14th 2005

At 815am I headed over to the townhouse. I was exhausted and got up with great difficulty. I relieved James and made a solid breakfast. At 1045 I took a bus to 59th and did a shoulder workout at NYSC; I was feeling good in spite of my lack of rest.

I was back at the townhouse by 12pm, I showered and made some chicken sandwiches. I did some laundry and ran the dishwasher. I hung out on the computer and watched some tv.

I managed a brief catnap in the library. At 530 Rachel came over for her shift. Hung out with her, worked on some business cards. We went to the Food Emporium and picked up some shrimp then ate some dinner in the dining room.

Hung out upstairs in the office. I left at 2 for my apartment. I didn't fall asleep until after 3am.

Saturday, August 13th 2005

I was up at 645am. I did a little cleanup and read the news online. I tried to go back to sleep unsuccesfully, and got up again at 830am. I had some breakfast chatted with R., we perused Craigslist.

I ate some chicken and dumplings (very good) at noon. I managed to get a few hours of spotty sleep after watching some television. I hope to get back into a regular pattern of rest soon.

I left the townhouse at 5pm after talking with James. I went back to my apartment and showered. It was very hot; my electric bill also came today and was much higher than usual. I'm gonna have to tone down my A/C usage.

At 6 I took the train to Jon's apartment at 85th. We walked over to 72nd and saw The Aristocrats a documentary about a 'filthy, vile, disgusting, and hilarious joke'. At 9pm we walked back to Jon's apartment.

Adam came by and hung out, Coles also showed up. At eleven we went out to a German bar where Jon and Adam got a gigantic beer served out of a boot. Benzigan and a friend of his showed up.

Around midnight Adam and I went to Gale Pub to meet up with Jon's friend Lauren, and 2 girls, one of whom was having her 20th birthday. They made us drink a lot. Jon came through and we stayed out until 4am and then hung out at Jon's apartment. I left at 430 and took the subway home. I had a small meal and was in bed by 5am.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Friday, August 12th 2005

I woke up at 710am after someone rang the doorbell but failed to materialize. I made breakfast and ate it upstairs in the computer room. Rosario came at 840 to relieve me, I packed up some lunch and took the train to HCID.

After arriving I worked on the member enrollment kit. I had a few discussions with Brett about the future of the company. At 11 I went out and faxed my dad a copy of my driver's license to finalize the sale of the G.

I left at 115pm and stopped by the supermarket before going home. When I got in I made some lunch. I sat on the computer for a while and tried to doze off. I took a shower, packed up my laundry and dressed before leaving for the townhouse at 430pm.

After I got in I gave my regards to the housekeeper and took a bus to 59th. I stopped by Bloomingdales looking for some boxers, I left empty handed as I was unwilling to pay $19 a pair. I picked up CK's mail at 502 Park and returned to the townhouse by subway.

That evening I cooked 3 lbs of chicken, tried to purchase a bottle of vodka from the local liquor store (but was denied because of an out of state ID, and my 'youthful glow' I suppose), picked up some forties of beer, and sat around the house. Rachel came over at 10, we hung out in the library.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Thursday, August 11th 2005

I slept horribly, I got less than four hours of rest. I felt great this morning, not tired at all. I took the train to HCID, arriving by nine. I had long meeting with Brett about the next couple of months. I think we might be on the right track--the next few weeks will be indicative of the future success of the company. I worked on various projects.

I left at 115pm and hit up NYSC for a 45 minute chest workout. Some guy was trying to tell me he made up one of the exercises I was doing (a variant of push-ups). He was totally insane. I made it home by 245 and took a shower then ate.

I sat around for the next hour or so and dozed off for a few minutes. I replied to a few emails and then dressed and went over to the Townhouse. The housekeeper told me what a busy day she had; I wanted to tell her she was full of shit. I know she did nothing the entire day, and frankly I don't care. Its the lying that bothers me.

In the afternoon I went out and got my eyeglasses straightened. I made some dinner. I created an advertisement for my leather sofa (its a loveseat, but I like to call it my 'animosity seat' because its so uncomfortable). I'm not a fan of leather or overstuffed cushions.

I hung out and wasted the night. I gave notice to CK, I will be leaving the easiest job of all time come the end of August. I watched the Stepford Wives (stupid) and an episode of Penn & Teller's 'BullShit' about Censorship--specifically language censorship. There was heavy use of profanity.

I went to sleep around midnight. I probably didn't sleep well.

Wednesday, August 10th 2005

I woke up at 815am after a poor night's sleep--I had ingested too much water before falling asleep and had to wake frequently to use the restroom. I made breakfast and left for HCID.

I worked mainly on researching the companies we are approaching, but also had a few discussions with Brett about the marketing of our product. I left at 120pm and hit up NYSC at 86th for 30 minutes on the bike before taking the subway back.

Once home I showered. I sat around for an hour, nodded off for 20 minutes, and then got ready for the townhouse. I got in at 450pm, I went over to Gracious Home to get 40 or so lightbulbs.

I sat on the computer and made a few meals. Rachel came over at 8, we went out to a pizza place, watched the rest of Hotel Rwanda. We mostly sat around on the floor of the office (now carpeted). She took off at 245, I went to sleep after surfing the internet and writing this.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Tuesday, August 9th 2005

I Woke up around 8 and was at HCID by 940pm. I did research on the companies we are planning on approaching in the next week. It was a nice change of pace. After a brief meeting with Brett I left, around 130pm.

I did a tough 55 minutes of back at NYSC and then went home and showered. I sat around all afternoon, did some applications and talked on the phone for a couple of hours. I read and went to sleep at 1130pm.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Monday, August 8th 2005

I was up at 810 for breakfast and news. I arrived at HCID at 930pm and worked until a little after 4. We sent out fifty packages to potential customers; we are beginning to sell our product. It will be interesting to see how successful we will be in the this regard. The day went by quickly, I find Monday's go by much faster than Tuesdays.

I headed home after work and took a 20 minute nap after I got home. I made some dinner. I showered and at 715pm took a train to Queens. I met up at Dave's apartment; Nicole came by with a friend of hers.

We hung out, watchend an episode of Entourage and relaxed. I left at 1030 (got good connections on the way home) and went to sleep at 1230.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Sunday, August 7th 2005

I woke up at 1120am, I did not sleep well. I sat around for a while, relaxing eating and reading the news. At 115pm I headed out for 30 minutes of intense biking. When I was finished I headed home and showered.

I hung around until 430pm, chatting on IM. I then went to Steph's apartment on 39th and hung out with her until 7pm. After I left I stopped by Jontahon's apartment and saw him and Chris R.

I got home at 9pm, did some reading and went to bed at 1130pm.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Saturday, August 6h 2005

I woke up at 1030am and made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast. After relaxing for a little while I headed out to NYSC at 86th for a shoulder workout. I made it back to my apartment by 1230.

A detective came by and asked me some questions about the shooting last night. I told him what little I knew. The guy got shot four times across the street from me, he is in the hospital and may live but is being uncooperative.

At 230 I left and went to the Sheep Meadow in Central Park. It was a really nice day today. I hung out there until 4pm and met up with Adam near Columbus Circle, he was getting out of work. We checked out the mall there and then sat down at a pizza place.

We headed downtown and stopped at a bar where we met up with Nicole and Neel, who took the train in from DC. Mimi came through with Jay who had driven down from Boston. At 7pm we walked over to Sanjit's brothers apartment. It was a really great place.

There was a variety of Indian food, Indians, and liquor. The turnout was excellent--the apartment had a roof deck which overlooked the Statue of Liberty. There were a bunch of kids from Columbia who I had not seen in a while. The party was Sanjit's going away party, he is leaving for St. George's medical school in the Caribb0ean. Congratulations Snajit! You're a great guy and I wish you the best of luck this coming year--I'm definately gonna try and make it down to visit you and Nisha.

There was plenty of time to enjoy the party. I love when people get together on the early side; on the whole people tend to go out too late. Maybe I am just an old man. The next party I throw will begin early.

We headed out after eleven and went to Alphabet City. I stayed out until 315am, and thoroughly beat took the subway home. I fell asleep on the train which turned out to be a good thing as it made the ride home seem miraculously short. I got off at 116th and walked down to my apartment. I made some food and went to sleep at 445.

Saturday, August 6th 2005

Walking to One West

One West St.


Kyle and Nisha

Finn and Sanjit

Sanjit talkin to Neel

Doug and Adam

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Adam and Rustam

Triplets on the beach.

Friday, August 5th 2005

I woke up at 730 for my usual morning routine and then work. I stayed at HCID until 130pm and then went over to the townhouse to pick up my camera battery charger. I stopped by the supermarket before going home.

I went home, ate and then took a quick nap. I did some reading and talked on the phone for a couple of hours.

R. came over at 930. We hung out. Around midnight we heard some gunshots, we went on my fire escape and saw about 10 cops swarming the project across the street. We watched the first half of Hotel Rawanda. At 245 I walked her to the subway and after returning home went to sleep.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Thursday, August 4th 2005

I rose at 745 am, ate and dressed. I arrived at HCID and worked from 930 - 120. The morning went by fairly quickly.

After leaving I went over to 59th and picked up a Fedex package. I dropped it off at 55th and then went to NYSC at 86th for a chest workout. I was home by 315pm, I showered and ate.

I took a nap from 5 - 6pm and wasted time until 715pm when I took a bus crosstown to Rustam's apartment. Jill, Rustam and myself hung out until 1030pm. I left and took the 1/9 to 86th and a bus crosstown to Jon's apartment. Evan, Benzigan, Lauren, and some other kid were there getting ready to head to Union Sq.

I stayed until 1215 and then went home. I read until 115 and went to sleep.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wednesday, August 3rd 2005

I was up at 745 for breakfast and news on the internet. I left for HCID, working from 930 - 130pm. I labored on the contacts database.

After work I went to the supermarket. When I got home I put my laundry in the washing machine and made some lunch. I got a haircut, collected my clothes and took a shower.

I folded my stuff and had a meal. I got really sleeepy and passed out on my couch from 530 - 7pm. When I got up I dressed and went over to Dave's house in Queens.

Nicole, Dave and I hung out. I left at 1030 and came home. I arrived at 1130pm, read until 1245 and went to sleep.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Tuesday, August 2nd 2005

I woke up at 830am, hurried my morning routine, and arrived at HCID at 930am. I spent the morning working on the contacts Database. I left at 1230 and went over to the townhouse.

When I got in I spoke to the window cleaners, and then went over to a store at 59th and 1st to get a trashcan, a notebook and some placemats. I sat around from 330 - 6 waiting for CK to return from the gym.

After I left work I went to NYSC on 59th for a high volume back day. I was finished 50 minutes later and went home. I showered and made dinner. Relaxed and read for the rest of the evening, going to sleep at 1130pm.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Monday, August 1st 2005

I got up at 615am and did a little reading before making breakfast. I sat on the computer for a while. I left for work at 9am.

I stayed at HCID until 1230pm. We are starting to send out mailings, Brett and I familiarized ourselves with the process.

I went to the townhouse after I left. I did a bunch of errands for CK. I left at 515 pm and went back to my house. I took a short nap.

At 730pm I began an epic cleaning of my apartment which lasted two hours. I folded my clothes and thoroughly cleaned every surface I could get my hands on. I took a shower at 10pm, relaxed and read before I went to sleep.