Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday, October 30th 2005

Nobody told me it was Daylight Savings Fall Back?? I could have used an extra hour of sleep. I got up at 9am and took a shower. I then waited an hour before heading out to meet my father, Aunt Janie and Uncle Sam.

I met them at the Peninsula Hotel on 55th and 5th. We wandered over to the Beacon for a delicous brunch served in several courses. It was nice seeing everybody. After eating I said goodbye and walked with Bill to 51st and West 12th. He met a friend of his for an art show.

I walked across the island to Adam's house on 55th and 1st. We sat around and watched a few corny movies. I returned home by 645 and made some food. I did a little work and went to bed on the early side around 10pm.

Saturday, October 29th 2005

I woke up at 945am and hung around my apartment. At 1230 I took a shower and made some breakfast. I watched a Deadwood with RM at one, and walked to the subway at 2.

At three I hit up NYSC on 86th for a good shoulder day. When I got home I showered again and made some food. I dressed at 630 and went to Midtown.

At 1000 Adam and I arrived at a Halloween party Emma was having in Brooklyn. I had worn a suit out so I could walk around the city in comfort and avoid being patronized for not dressing up. The party was fun; I met a lot of Emma's friends. Jess, Nicole, Liz and Dave were the only regulars in attendance. I left at 145.

It took me forever to get home. I split a cab with some kids to 59th, but the subway was running slow. I was back at 1799 by 315am.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Friday, October 28th 2005

I was up at 745 for breakfast. I departed for HCID arriving by 845am. I spent the day writing company profiles and updating the news. I left at 230pm.

I went to Verizon and purchased a new cell phone battery for a large fee. My previous battery had ceased to last more than 15 minutes. I walked back to my 112th and picked up some apple pies at McDonalds before going home.

I ate some food and sat around. At 630 I took a shower and then got the 6 train to Union Square. I met up with Rachel. We walked around Greenwich Village, ultimately finding our way to a jazz club.

We enjoyed a performance and then went to a chinese restaurant for some food. On the way over someone tried to sell me a satellite dish for "Twenty-three dollars". I got home around 1am.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Thursday, October 27th 2005

I awoke at 630am but stayed in bed until 715 trying to fall back asleep. I got up and made breakfast, took a shower, and left for work.

I had a few meetings with BRJ and wrote summaries of the investment opportunities of many of the companies I had seen presenting at the conference. I spent some time with the database, and left at 230pm.

I went to NYSC for a back workout. Afterwards I returned home for a shower and food. I did a lot of laundry and at 530pm I headed out to Dave's apartment in Queens.

We hung around until 945pm. I returned home, made my bed and folded my laundry. I went to sleep at 11pm.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wednesday, October 26th 2005

I got up at 645am and dressed. I left for the Palace Hotel and arrived by 810am for a presentation. I sat through 20 or so 20 minute presentations delivered by executives at leading microcap medical technology and biotechnology companies.

We broke for lunch from 12 - 1. I left the conference at 4pm and went home for a shower. I wrote some correspondence and sat around. I fell asleep at 545, Rachel woke me up at 615pm.

We went out to get some take-out at a Mexican restaurant. I purchased another $40/monthly metrocard from a bum. Rachel and I hung out at 1799, we watched a movie. I went to sleep at 1230pm.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday, October 25th 2005

I got up at 6am for my usual morning routine. I put on a suit and tie (socks also) and headed off for HCID. When I got in I packed up some items; Brett and I headed off for the "C.E. LS Investment Conference" arriving by 8am.

It was an interesting day. I sat through loads of presentations of small cap med tech companies. I had to leave at 930 to retrieve some documents Brett had left behind. At noon we had a meeting with the CEO of Rita. It was pretty cool meeting with him one on one and getting to ask some questions.

We had a delicous lunch at 1230 (brought me back to my days working with CK) with a small device company from Alabama. I attended many more presentations until I left at 445pm.

I braved the weather and headed to Rachel's apartment in Queens. I picked up a burrito from a mexican restaurant run by a chinese couple on the way over. We hung out, her roomates Jen and Geneva came home around 630. Skeletor and Roxie, the cats, were also lazing about.

I took off at 930 and returned home for a shower. I wrote some coorespondence and went to sleep at 1115 after doing some reading.

Lindsay and Katie visiting Steph in NYC

Doug and Jon (notice the intensity), Steph, Jon S., Lindsay, Katie at Red Sky

More pics courtesy of Steph G.

Hanging with Rachel watching NJ

59th and Lex

Monday, October 24, 2005

Monday, October 24th 2005

I got up at 815am feeling rested. I made breakfast and listened to NPR before heading off to HCID.

It was a long and busy day. I revised the quarterly digest, had several long meetings with Brett, and researched companies who we will be meeting with tomorrow at an Investment Bank's Life Science conference.

I left at 645 pm and fought my way through the rain to NYSC for a chest workout. I felt good, upon completion I returned home for a shower and a pile of food. I got in bed around 1030 for some reading.

Not too much of interest to report today--sorry.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sunday, October 23rd 2005

I got up at 1030am and made a large breakfast. I sat around until 12pm when I headed to NYSC for 5000m on the erg and some light lifting.

I returned home at 230pm, I ate and then went out for a haircut at 330pm. I went to a new woman on 107th as my usual barber was not in. I showered after returning home.

I had a pretty boring afternoon. I talked on the phone for a few hours, made dinner, and read a lot. I went to McDonalds and got a mcflurry. I was beat and went to sleep around 10pm.

Saturday, October 22nd 2005

I woke up and met with RM for breakfast. I hung out until 1230 and took the subway home. I tried to get a haircut after returning to my neighborhood. The woman who works at the Salgado Barbershop (she refers to me as 'Papi') told me my man wasn't in. I walked to 1799 and took a shower.

I ate lunch and sat around for 30 minutes. At 2 I headed out and met up with Steph, Lindsay, and Katie F. at a pastry shop in Greenwich Village. We walked to Soho, they went to a few stores. I tagged along, ducking out to check out the Apple Store. The 'Nano' is very cool. I had enough of watching girls shop and left for my apartment at 545.

When I got in I made some food and took a much needed hour long nap. At 815pm I went to Adam's apartment. I picked up a beer at the habib on 57th and 1st; he told me my ID was fake but said he would "sell to me anyways". He said kids come in all the time with fake ID's and "he sells to them anyways".

Adam and I kicked it, Selame came over at 10pm. It was raining pretty hard when we met him. At 1130 the three of us took a cab to Red Sky and met up with Lindsay, Steph and Katie. We stayed until 145am at which point we walked with the girls to a club on 25th. Jon, Adam and myself were unwilling to pay a $15 cover.

We hung out in the neighborhood until 3am. Jon and I took a cab to 86th; I walked the rest of the distance home and went to sleep.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Friday, October 21st 2005

I got up at 650am and went through the motions. I arrived at work at 8am and set to work on the database. I cleaned up the keyword fields. At 1030 I met with Brett and started rebuilding the Quarterly Digest.

I worked on that until 245pm when I left for NYSC. I did a shoulder workout and then returned home for a shower. I ate some food and lazed around. At 7pm I took the train to Rachel's house in Queens. I picked up a housewarming cactus on the way over.

She made some baked macaroni and cheese for dinner; it was very cheesy and as such delicious. At 1030 we went out to a bar in the neighborhood called 'Flo'. It was nice but extremely corny. I went to sleep around 130.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday, October 20th 2005

I was up at 750am for my typical morning routine. I dressed and left for HCID arriving by 9am. I spent most of the morning working on the database. Otherwise my day was punctuated by a few meetings with Brett, some chatting with Maegan, and a discussion with Edgar's Financial.

I left at 345pm and walked home. I talked with my mother on the way back. It was a nice crisp afternoon. When I got to 1799 I had some food and took a shower. I worked some from my house and sat around.

At 7pm I returned to the office to help BRJ with a few things. I left at 9pm and took another look at a couch I had seen at 111th through Craigslist. The woman was friendly I ended up hanging out at her apartment for a while, although I declined taking the sofa.

I went to bed at midnight after reading the Phantom Tollbooth.

Wednesday, October 19th 2005

I woke up at 715am and dressed for work. I was ready to leave when I noticed a text message from BRJ asking me to come in at 1130am. I did some work from home until 1130am when I headed in.

When I got to the HCID offices I continued doing the same database work I had been doing at home. I talked to Brett on the telephone and sent out some documents for him. At 230pm I left for NYSC and had a good back workout.

I faxed a tax filing and and returned home around 4 for a shower and some food. I took a nap and did some reading; I went to Duane Reade on 106th and stocked up on toilet paper and paper towels. At 825 I went to Adam's house for a few hours. I left at 1030 and came home. I finished Slaughterhouse 5 and went to sleep.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday, October 18th 2005

I got up at 730 am and prepared a nutritious and wholesome breakfast. I arrived at HCID by 815 and set to work on the database. I think I am getting carpal tunnel. One of the hard drives crashed last night and we lost 2 months of work.

I stayed until 230pm and then caught the train to 59th where I met Rachel. We walked around, she got a sandwich. At 330pm we went to a movie theater and watched 'A History of Violence'. Do not go to see this film.

After the show we went to the park on East 51st and sat around until 745pm. I returned home at 815pm and showered. I made some dinner and lazed around. I went to sleep around midnight.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Monday, October 17th 2005

I got up a 7am feeling rested. I made a large breakfast and relaxed before leaving for HCID. I arrived at 830am and spent the majority of my day working on the database. It is not the most glamorous work but it needed to get done. I also wrote some copy for the website.

I left at 4pm and headed towards Chelsea. I checked out a desk I had seen on Craigslist but passed as I thought it was overpriced and low quality.

I got back to 1799 at 515pm. I made some food and passed out for about 30 minutes. When I got up I made some more food and then went to NYSC for a good chest workout; the gym was crowded.

I was home at 9pm. I showered and ate. I did some reading before going to sleep at midnight.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday, October 16th 2005

I was up around 930am but sat around in bed until 1130am. I heated up some quiche Chef Molly had given me back in June and made some turkey sandwiches after showering at 1pm.

I watched two Episodes of Deadwood. At 3pm I walked to the Subway. I retuurned home and hung around. I cleaned my apartment. Selame dropped by at 5pm. We hung out for a little over an hour.

I walked to Pathmark, a supermarket on 125th and loaded up on some supplies. I found some good deals including 3 dozen eggs/ $2 and a 6lb bag of frozen spinach. It was a pain getting the food back to my apartment.

When I got home at 8pm I ate a whole chicken. I went to sleep at 11pm after doing some reading.

Saturday, October 15th 2005

I was up at 930am for breakfast. I sat around for a little while and then set off for NYSC. I did some rowing and a few other exercises. I met up with Selame afterwards; we went to a park on the East River near 85th. It was a beautiful day.

I returned home around 315pm and showered. I ate some food and read the news. At 440pm I took the train to 59th and met up with Rachel. We walked to the West Side and looked at Jersey. At 630 we caught the 1/9 at 51st and walked around the West Village.

We walked to the East Side and went to a Cuban Restaurant on Avenue C. The food was disapointing. After dinner we went to 'Morrisey Park', a bar on St. Marks. We left at 115am and took a cab to Red Sky to meet up with Jay Fernandez and his crew. Azeem, Gerun, Alok, Mimi and Ishan were out.

I took the 4 to 125th and the 6 to 110th. I was back home at 330am for a frozen pizza and bed.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Friday, October 14th 2005

I made myself get out of bed at 815am. I dunked by head under the faucet, made some breakfast, and then went to HCID.

I arrived at 9am and spent most of my day updating the news on our various investment portals. I also edited some copy and worked on a project for BRJ. I left at 3pm and went over to NYSC for a shoulder workout.

When I got home I took a shower and ate. I sat around for about 2 hours after that; I talked to my dad. The rain tapered off and at 815pm I walked over to Rustam's house on the Upper West Side.

Rustam and I hung out; later in the evening Adam came over. We sat around--at 1145 we we out to NachoMama's and had a drink. I walked back home at 145am and was asleep by 240am.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Thursday, October 13th 2005

I got up early but went back to bed, I slept until 9am. I got up and showered, ate and then left for HCID. I worked until 4pm on various projects. I edited copy and the quarterly digest, I wrote some copy, and doublechecked some figures from the Medtech 50.

Towards the end of the day it looked like we had made another sale. I left at 430pm and returned home. I did some errands, including the returning of the rented video. At 740pm I left for Queens.

I stopped at C-Town before going over to Dave's house. Nicole was there; Dave and I sat around and talked/argued whie listening to some music. I left at 11pm and went home.

I fell asleep after 1am after reading some Slaughterhouse 5.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wednesday, October 12th 2005

I woke up and ate breakfast. It was another cloudy and (very) rainy day. It has rained 9" since Friday. I went to catch the train but it was running slow due to the weather. I called BRJ and told him I was going to work from home.

I spent the morning writing coorespondence and getting a few of the data entry people up to speed. I wrote the copy for several news items. At 2pm I left and went to 86th for an average chest workout at NYSC.

When I came home I ate a meal and showered. I sat around my apartment doing a little more work until Rachel rolled through at 615pm. We went to Blockbuster where I signed up for a new card; I rented 'The Jacket'. We picked up some Chinee Foo at China King on 109th and Lex.

After eating our MSG filled meals we settled down for the film which was pretty good. I went to sleep a little after 1.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Goat and Derek (pics courtesy of Steph)

Goat, Doug, Jon

Steph, Goat, Doug hanging out in Alphabet City

Tuesday, October 11th 2005

I woke at 845 for a quick breakfast. I left for HCID arriving by 930am. I spent the day finishing up the Medtech 50. I also did some general cleanup and wrote some coorespondence.

At 330pm I left and walked up 3rd Avenue to the Triborough Bridge. I crossed over to Randal's Island and investigated some driving ranges and batting cages. On the island I noticed a 1987 Jeep Wrangler Olympic Edition (Black with gold trim), the exact same model as our old Jeep.

I returned to my apartment at 545 and showered. I made some food and sat around. I did a lot of reading on the internet. At 845 pm I checked out a couch I had seen on Craigslist as a possible replacement for my animosity sofa.

I read Slaughterhouse 5 for a bit before going to sleep.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Monday, October 10th 2005

I woke up at 545 am but stayed in bed until 630am. I got up and made breakfast while listening to the news. I wasted some time on the internet and then left for work.

I arrived at HCID at 815am and worked on the Medtech 50 Project. I spent some time cleaning up the database. I took off at 215pm and went to NYSC for a back workout. When I was finished I returned home via the 6 train.

I showered and did some laundry. I made some food and hung around. At 6pm I left for Dave's apartment in Astoria. Justin and Nicole came over. I got a few tacos down the street.

I left at 10pm and returned home. When I got in I ate a lot and went to sleep after doing some reading.

Sunday, October 9th 2005

I slept until 1030am. I then got up and took a shower; the smoke from the Hookah Cafe had permeated every inch of my body. I made breakfast and did 30 minutes or so of work. At 1245 I went to Goat's and hung out with him and Bean. We went to a diner for some lunch.

After eating we went to a park on 51st and the East River. We returned to Goat's apartment and watched an episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' with Derek. Bean and I left at 330pm. I walked to 59th and went to the supermarket before returning home. I did an hour of work for HCID.

Rachel came over at 515pm. We hung around my apartment; we went to the Deli to get some food at 930pm. I went to sleep around midnight.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Saturday, October 8th 2005

I woke up at 940am and made a large breakfast. I relaxed for about 1.5 hours and then took the 6 to 125th and then the 4 to 86th. I went to NYSC and had a good shoulder day. After I finished up, I waited around for 35 minutes so that a friend of Selame's could pick up a spare set of keys.

It was raining pretty hard, while I waited I purchased some soap at Rite Aid. After I met Jon's friend I returned home via the subway. I showered and ate.

At 230pm I traveled to Goat's apartment and met up with him and Bean. We hung out; Bean left at 545 to go to a U2 Concert. At 7pm I went over to Adam's house; he made some rice, broccoli and lamb. We went out and got a beer.

At 9pm we went to Hookah Cafe on 60th and 2nd for some hookah. Chris and Goat, and then a few of Chris's friends rolled through. We stayed until 1130pm. I walked back to the subway at 59th and got completely soaked on the way.

I was home by 130am, I did some reading and went to sleep.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Friday, October 7th 2005

I woke up and did my usual morning style and then went to HCID. I arrived at 930am and stayed until 430pm. In that time I showed MJ how to assist me with some analyses for the Medtech 50. I updated the news, corresponded with some people at Edgar's, edited the new membership package (details membership) and worked a little while on the Medtech 50.

I walked to 96th and got a bus home the rest of the way as it had started to drizzle. I talked to my mom, and then went home and showered. I cleaned up my place a little bit and ate some food.

Rachel came over at 730, we hung out until 1045 when we caught the train to 51st. We got some pizza at a restaurant close to the subway (after killing a cockroach) and then met Adam, Rustam and Nicole at 'The Town Crier' for a beer.

Bean and his friend Megan, Jones, Chris, Derek, and Goat met us at the bar. We hung out the until 1245 at which point I left and returned home around 130am.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Thursday, October 6th 2005

I got up at 840am and made a quick breakfast. I wasted little time getting to work. When I arrived I dealt with some correspondence and then met with Brett.

I spent half the day working on the Medtech 50 and the other half doing research on Investment Banks and looking into some future investment conferences. I left work at 330pm and walked to NYSC on 86th for a so-so chest day.

I returned to 1799 at 5pm, I showered and made some food. At 6pm I went to the bank to get some money and then on to 73rd and 2nd to view a desk I had seen on Craigslist. I thought it was slightly larger than what I needed so I passed. It was misting slightly when I walked back to the train and went home.

When I got in I made some more food and then sat around for about 1.5 hour talking on IM and surfing the internet. I left for Dave's house at 830pm. We hung out and listened to some music. I left at 1130pm and returned home. I went to sleep around 1am.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wednesday, October 5th 2005

I woke up at 815am after a night of tossing and turning. I made some eggs and oatbran for breakfast and then departed via the 6 train to HCID.

Upon arrival I met with Brett and then began working on gathering microcap data and refining the medtech 50. I worked on this the entire day aside from a meeting with Maegan and a conference call with Edgar's.

I left at 345 pm and walked home. I picked up some food at the store on the way back. At 5pm I went to the dentist for a cleaning. All is well and good; my shit eating grin remains intact.

After returning home I made some food and then showered. At 745 pm I went to Queens where I relaxed for the evening.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesday, October 4th 2005

I woke up at 7am and made breakfast. I relaxed in the morning and listened to the news while I broke my night-long fast. I left for HCID at 820am and arrived not long after.

After a brief meeting with Brett I set about working on gathering market cap statistics for our medtech portal. I had a meeting with Maegan along these lines. I worked until 3pm.

After leaving I took the 4 to 59th and then caught the N to Queens. I met Rachel at her apartment and helped her move the contents of her room into a Uhaul. We drove it to her new apartment on 30th Avenue and unpacked. The whole affair took about 3 hours, upon completion we were both exhausted.

We returned the van and I went home for a shower and then a large dinner. I hung around my apartment, going out only for some food at the deli on the corner. I finished "Sirens of Titans" and sat around until I fell asleep after midnight.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday, October 3rd 2005

I got up at 9am, I felt like I could have slept another hour at least. I dressed quickly and had a small breakfast and then left for HCID. I had a meeting with BRJ in the morning.

Most of my day was spent working on the Medtech portal and the medtech research project. I made some inqueries with Hoover's, an online service which provides financial info. The day went by quickly, I left at 430pm.

After work I hit up NYSC for a good back day. I was home by 615pm when I showered and made dinner. I washed my bedding and some assorted laundry. I wrote a series of emails and at 8pm walked crosstown to Rustam's apartment. Dave and Nicole were there chilling out.

I left at 11pm and walked back home. I had a snack and did some reading before going to bed sometime after midnight.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday, October 2nd 2005

I hung out at 1799 until noon. I finished a Deadwood episode and made some breakfast burittos. I showered and at 230pm I walked crosstown to Rustam's apartment.

We hung out and watched some football and baseball. I left at 430 and walked home and collected my Ipod. I walked back to Rustam's, he put new music on my MP3 player.

On my way back home I stopped in Central Park for about 15 minutes. At 730pm I made some food at my house and did some reading. It was an uneventful evening, I went to sleep at 10pm.

Saturday, October 1st 2005

I woke up at 10am but stayed in bed until 11 or so. I got up and showered and made some food. At 115pm I headed out to 59th, there was no downtown local service so I took the bus to 86th and then took the 5 one stop downtown.

I met Rachel and we walked over to 34th Street, stopping at Au Bon Pain for a beverage. We caught the water taxi to Water Taxi Beach at 255pm. It was a very nice fall day once again.

We hung out at WTB until 630 pm. We enjoyed some beers and some bbq--"All priced with respect." After getting back to Manhattan we walked west and took the 6 to Union Square. We headed to Alphabet City and after careful consideration found a nice mexican restaurant for dinner. I had some tacos.

We were finished at 9pm and hit up a Tiki bar nearby. Afterwards we went to Rustam's favorite bar on on Avenue C. At 1230 I returned home.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Friday, September 30th 2005

I woke up at 845am. I ate and dressed and read the news before leaving for HCID. BRJ made our first sale on Thursday, which is very good news; things might be on the up.

I finished researching the Medtech 50 and then updated the news. I also added some features to our new member company. BRJ was still not back, although a friend of his was in the office who offered some positive feedback on our product.

I left at 2pm and hit up NYSC for a shoulder workout which felt good. Afterwards I went to the supermarket and then went home and showered. I made some food and took a 20 minute nap. I wasted time until 645pm when I took the train to 23rd street.

I met up with Ishan, Jay K., Gerun and Juan Hernandez at Proof on 3rd and 19th. We watched the redsox game. They had a promotion and I got some free beer. This is the first time I have ever gotten anything for free at a bar in Manhattan.

We finished watching the game at The Copper Door Tavern where we met up with Mimi. After the game was over we went to 'La Caverna' on Essex and Rivington. I would definately recommend this spot; they had hookah and good music. Adam and Rustam came by with Jess, Emma also showed up.

I wanted to stay but everyone else wanted to move on. We left at 110 am and walked down the street to a far worse bar. I hung out there until 245am at which point I walked to Union Square (no local service) and caught the 4 train to 125th street and then walked home. I got in at 340am and made some food before going to sleep.