Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday, June 30th 2005

I slept well in BK's room, the air conditioner was really cranking, it must have been fifty degrees when I woke up. I dressed and made some tea, I left for HCID at 9am.

I revised some copy and worked on the profilesof a few companies we are planning on approaching first. I updated some news and events in the database. The morning went by quickly, I left at 115pm.

I did some chest and shoulders at NYSC and then walked home. I ate and showered. At 435 I left for the townhouse. I met Rosario and her husband--we talked for a bit before they left. I sent some of CK's mail to his office in the South. I sat on the computer and then took a walk to 502 to pick up some mail there.

I returned and ate some turkey which I had baked up. I watched the boob tube. At 9pm I took the trash out, there was a lot of trash so it took me a while. I went to bed around 1130pm. Boring day--I'll probably do the same exact stuff tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wednesday, June 29th 2005

I had a great night's rest and woke up at 8am. I made breakfast and walked to work while I spoke with my mom. I arrived at 930.

I met with Brett in the morning and then made some changes to the proposal for potential companies. I then met with Brett again and started working on a proposal for resources. As part of this I investigated some human resource companies that would be good to approach. I added them to the database.

I left HCID at 115pm and rode 15 miles on a bike. I went home and ate and showered. I then took the six train to 51st and met up with Derek and Goat at their new place on 52nd and 1st. I picked them up some cheese at a cheese store (Brie). I helped them move in for about an hour and then caught the train at 59th. It was raining at the time.

I got into the Townhouse at 445. I spoke to CK and faxed some documents to him. I didn't do too much today. Watched 60 mintues, ate a bunch of cereal (I'm defrosting a turkey for tomorrow), washed some clothes, chatted on IM, and did a bit of reading.

I went to bed around 11pm.

Tuesday, June 28th 2005

I got up at 710am. After breakfast I packed up and walked to work. It was really humid and I was sweating like crazy when I got in around 9am.

I met with Brett for about half and hour and then set to work on categorizing the resources in the DB. I worked on the pitch Brett is preparing, altered some Illustrator documents, revised some copy, and created a cover sheet for potential sponsors.

I left at 330pm and did a back workout at NYSC. When I got home I showered and ate. I left for Queens at 6pm, arriving by 630pm. I picked up some steaks at the supermarket before meeting Dave.

We hung out, watched a show on HBO, and ate some steak sandwiches. I left after 9pm returned home and shaved. My new razor, a Braun Activator 8585 is great--worlds ahead of my old Braun. It cleans itself as well. I went to sleep after doing some rading.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Monday, June 27th 2005

After waking up and making breakfast I walked to HCID arriving at 930am. I met with Brett first thing in the morning for about an hour. I reviewed some of the sales documents he has been working on.

I spent a few hours finishing putting healthcare venture funds in the database. This proved exceedingly boring. I finished at 145 and ate a meal in the kitchen, something I usually do not do. Once finished I prioritized the companies in the resource database.

I left at 330 and wasted a little time at NYSC. I had a long wait for the 6 train home. When I got back I showered and ate. It was a very uneventful evening. It was raining throughout the afternoon. I did a lot of reading and read the internet. I went to sleep at 1030pm.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Sunday, June 26th 2005

A phone call from James woke me up at 915am. I didn't set my alarm last night (I never need it) and overslept for the first time this year. I arrived at the townhouse at 950am, fifty minutes late. It was no big deal, James stayed a bit longer.

I started my day of doing nothing with a large breakfast. I read on the roof from 11 - 1pm. I did a load of laundry and watched television and surfed the internet. I was pretty worthless today. I tried to watch some of 'The Core', a movie in which they drill to the center of the earth. It is possibly the stupidest movie ever.

Rachel showed up at 445. I chatted with her for a bit then rode a bicycle for 40 minutes. I returned home, showered and ate. I talked to Rachel and then Greg by telephone. I read some of Alexander Hamilton's biography and went to sleep at 1030pm.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Saturday, June 25th 2005

I woke up at 730am and made breakfast. I gathered up my laundry and left for the Townhouse arriving on time for my 9am shift. I sat on the computer until 11. I made some food and then read outside until 1pm--I picked up a book about bank robbery from the entryway at 1799.

They day was uneventful. I did my laundry and watched some television. We have a lot of channels but nothing ever interests me. I made some more food, I departed at 5pm. I rode the bike for 12 miles, and returned home. I showered, folded my clothes and made my bed and then finished watching Blade Runner.

At 930pm I got dressed and took the train to Astor Place. I walked over to Avenue A and met up with Goat and Bean. We went to a bar in the area. At 12 we met up with Nicole and Nisha at 13th and A. It was Brenko's birthday party, Gerald, Sanjit, and Hashish were there.

Bean and Goat left to catch the 130 train back to Stamford, CT. The rest of us hung out until 3 or so. I took the train back; the ride seemed to last forever. I was in bed by 430.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Friday, June 24th 2005

I woke up at 730am. I have not been sleeping well in the townhouse. I made breakfast and walked to work. I arrived at HCID at 9am. I worked on the resource database and made some changes to the Newsletter page after a meeing with Geyi, Maegan, and Brett. The morning went by suprisingly fast. I left at 1:30PM.

I went home and changed, I then took the train to 86th for a quick workout. I returned home, showered and ate. I watched some of 'Blade Runner'--a Peter Bassett favorite. At 530 I walked crosstown and met up with Arturo, and a couple of his friends of at 'The Heights'. I have not seen Arturo in a few years; he is a former suitemate from Wallach.

We hung out at The Heights until 8pm. Afterwards, Evee, Aruturo and myself met up with Rustam and Jill at their place. We stayed there for a little while and then walked over to 113th and Amsterdam. At 1030pm I walked back crosstown.

I went to sleep at 1130.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday, June 23 2005

I got up at 730am. I made breakfast and then left for work. I arrived by 925am.

Brett and I met to discuss the conference he had been attending with Geyi in Philadelphia. I set up a new monitor and worked on the resource database. I left at 120pm. My camera turned up, I went over to Drew's house on 84th and Park to pick it up.

I did some light lifting and some rowing at NYSC. Afterwards I walked home and showered. I ate some food at 330 and wrote some emails. I left for the townhouse about an hour later. When I got in I chatted with Rosario for a bit.

I made dinner and sat around; I spent some time on the computer and watched tv--nothing too exciting. I went to bed around 1030 after some reading.


Lauren and Jon

This photo was sponsored by Coors Light --Taste the Rockies! AND by Miller Lite--Its Miller Time!!

Miller Brewing is a large American beermaker based in Milwaukee. It was founded in 1855 by Frederic Miller when he purchased the small Plank-Road Brewery. The brewery's location in the Menomonee Valley provided easy access to raw materials produced on nearby farms. It also has a brewery in Butler County, Ohio's St. Clair Township.

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Miller Brewing owns breweries in Albany, Georgia; Eden, North Carolina; Fort Worth, Texas; Irwindale, California; Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Trenton, Ohio.

Kyle, Adam, Rustam,

Nisha took this picture while sitting on the couch.

Dave reflects on the important point Rachel has just brought up. He pauses for a moment, bringing his hand to rest below his chin. Rachel waits impatiently for a response.


Party 2


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Wednesday, June 22nd 2005

I woke up today at 730am. It was a cool morning so I decided to walk to work. I made breakfast on my arrival and began work on the database.

I managed to get a lot done in spite of the time I spent talking on IM. I left at 1230, as Maegan was arriving. I went to NYSC and did some powercleans and some bike riding.

I was home at 230pm. I showered and made a large meal. I sat around most of the afternoon; I did some reading and watched an episode of Deadwood. I left my place at 630 and took the subway to 59th, it had begun to rain again when I got off.

I went to Bed and Bath looking for a large capacity Brita water filter. I didn't buy the one they had because it was too expensive. I did purchase a laundry bag for 'five dolla' at a dry cleaners on the way home.

I read before going to bed. I will try harder to make a better use of my time.

Tuesday, June 21st 2005

I got up at 815am, I left early for work and ate breakfast at HCID. The day went by slowly. Once again I worked on updating the database of resources.

I was alone in the office until Maegan's arrival around Noon. I put NPR on the radio to keep me company. I also wrote a handful of emails. At 230pm I stepped out of the office and did 10K meters on the erg.

I was expecting to come back to the office, take a cab downtown and deliver some alcohol to a pier on W23rd--one of our Silent Auction Items was a cruise for twenty aboard a 72' sailboat; an event scheduled for today.

Things did not go as planned. The high bidder (who shares a name with the discoverer of the elemant Radium) has proven exceedingly difficult to deal with in the past few weeks. She has complained about the price she paid for the package AND keeps asking for more money for food! (Did I mention her friends are covering the cost of the trip and we are a CHARITY!) I finally managed to appease her and everything looked like it would turn out okay.

Unfortunately, the boat was 2 hours behind schedule. I had to go downtown and change the location of the pickup from the West Side to the East Side. I had to coordinate a waiting area, but worst of all...I had to kiss this ladies ass. She made me go on a bunch of errands for her. Among other things I lugged 60 lbs of ice at least 4 avenues.

I was home by 8pm. I took a shower, watched an episode of Deadwood and went to sleep at 1015.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday, June 20th 2005

I woke up in the townhouse at 8am. I stripped the bedding and put it in the washing machine. Afterwards I raided the fridge for some breakfast--I love free food. I read the news and faxed my timecard. I left at 9am and walked to HCID.

Nobody was in the office today. I worked on the resource database, took care of a few unrelated business items, and wrote a whole lot of emails. I ate a late lunch.

At 245 I went to NYSC for a back day, I returned to the office a little after 4pm. I stayed until 6pm and then walked home. I talked to my mother on the way home. After getting in I showered.

At 7pm I walked over to 109th and hung out with Rustam, Jill and Liz. I left around 1030 and walked home. I read before falling asleep after midnight.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Sunday, June 19th 2005

I woke up at 11am having not gotten much rest. I made a large breakfast/lunch while reading the news online. At 130pm I went over to Adam's apartment and hung out with him and Nicole. We watched a really corny movie on tv.

We left to meet up with Sara. They went to lunch at an Indian restaurant. I walked over to NYSC and did 5000m on the erg and some light lifting. At 445pm I left and walked to the townhouse.

James and I kicked it for a few minutes before he took off and I became master of the castle. I spent the night surfing the internet, eating some leftovers, and watching some news programs on television.

I was pretty out of it, I read some of the Hamilton biography and went to sleep at 9pm.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Saturday, June 18th 2005

I was up at 845am, I made breakfast and read the news. At 1045am I left for NYSC to do some lifting, rowing, and a little jump rope (for the first time in a couple of months, my ankle is feeling better). I walked to Central Park and drank a shake.

On my way home I stopped at the barbershop to get a haircut. I had to wait for 40 minutes for my guy, I read the Times. In the end I got the same haircut everyone in my neighborhood has.

I was home by 3pm, I showered and ate a large lunch while watching an episode of OZ. At 445 I took the train to 68th Street and walked over to the townhouse to get some dress shirts. I picked up some assorted nuts at 'World of Nuts' and stopped in at the Food Emporium where I purchased three types of cheese, some crackers, and peanut M&M's.

I returned to my apartment, grabbed my camera and Ipod and then went over to Jon's apartment. We picked up all the trash lying around and moved some of the furniture out of the living room and into Jon's bedroom.

We went to Rite Aid where we picked up a lot of beer and some cleaning supplies. I mopped Jon's living room floor, cleaned his kitchen, and did a once over on his bathroom. The place was looking presentable by the time he was finished. I flet dirty after cleaning the shithole and had to go home and shower again.

I was back at 930, I picked up 20lbs of ice on the way over. I put the ice in Jon's sink, set out the food. I set up my Ipod with a playlist I had made on the way over.

Nobody arrived (with the exception of several of Jon's younger fraternity brothers) until 1030. However, the party picked up momentum rapidly. The attendees included: Nisha and friend, Jill and Rustam, Liz, Reess, Adam, Sarah, Bitty and friend (plus Joanne and Bitty's brother), Kyle, Jess and her roomate, Nadia Lui (with Spellman and Wernick), Katie Nicholson and some of her friends, Dave and Nicole, Rachel (the dog walker), Elisa Kantor, Emma and a friend from of hers from Smith, a few friend of Jon's including his BC chick.

The party turned out very well, everyone had a lot of fun--I probably had more than most. The ratio was good, the cheese flowed freely and the libations were plentiful. People were dissapointed that I did not deliver on the West African elephant or Jello pudding--things I had specified would be present at this 'Girls Gone Wild' themed event.

After 2am the party died down a little bit. Dave, Nicole, Adam, Kyle, Jess, Emma and her friend, and myself went to a to a bar around the corner. We stayed there for a little while and then somebody decided we needed to go to Scores on 59th and 1st. Six of us piled into a cab.

We stayed at the Gentleman's establishment until closing (4am). We dispersed at this point. I went uptown with Jess to 96th and then walked over to Jon's apartment to get my keys. My bag had gotten misplaced along with my camera (misplaced or stolen...we have yet to see). Jon and I looked around for a little while. Ultimately I grabbed my spare set of keys and walked home.

I was at my apartment by 615am, I washed my face and hit the sack.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday, June 17th 2005

I woke up at 755am after a restless night's sleep. I made some oatmeal for breakfast and browsed the news. I left for HCID at 910am.

When I got in I worked on the resource section. Mariajose came in at 10am; I schooled her in the ways of the backend database. She began working on the resource section. I continued on my project; stopping at noon to chat with Brett. I left HCID at 115pm.

I walked over to the townhouse. When I got in I took Nick and Jack on a walk. I made some lunch and read the Times in the kitchen. CK came home around 3pm, I updated some documents for him and packed up his camera equipment. I took a trip to RadioShack and tried to return a router.

At 445 I took the dogs on another walk up to 59th and back. I sat around until dinner. CK and BK ate early and went to the circus. I ate with Marla, Molly, Joshua, and Rosario in the kitchen. Molly made a mexican soup and salad. Clean-up was complete by 8pm. I talked with Molly and Marla before taking the dogs on a walk to Jon's apartment on 85th. I got back at 935pm.

I took the 6 train home. I watched part of an episode of OZ, read and went to bed at Midnight. I woke up at 330am and read for a while before falling back asleep.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thursday, June 16th 2005

My 23rd year began today. I woke up at 750, made some pancakes, read the NYtimes, and relaxed. I took the morning off from work; however I uploaded some pics of the bathware and sent them along with a note to Christie's auction house.

At 10am I got dressed and took the 6 to the N, I got off at 48th and Broadway and walked over the the NYSC. I did some olymipc style lifts and rode the bike. I figure I'm about 2 - 3 weeks out from being in the best shape of my life. The joys of a healthclub membership!

I showered at the club (this one is on the 15th floor of a hotel in Times Square) and then met up with Dave and Jon S. at Au Bon Pain on 47th. We ate outside, about 45 minutes after meeting up I took the train to the townhouse on E70th.

When I got in I answered a bunch of emails and surfed the net. I chatted with Rosario and Marla for a a while and then took Nick and Jack on a walk. We went over to 59th where I got the mail and returned. It was raining slightly.

I got in and opened CK's mail. I went to Duane Reade to get some cups and then read the newspaper. At 445 I took the dogs out on a long walk. When I returned James was in the kitchen, Joshua showed up a bit later. We hung out in the kitchen until dinner time.

BK and his friend ate early. Rosario, Molly, Marla, Joshua, James and myself enjoyed an all staff birthday feast of my design. We had a large salad, roasted sweet potatoes, snap peas, and salmon grilled over a piece of wood. For dessert we had an apple pie with ice cream. They brought it out with some candles and sang happy birthday.

We finished cleaning up around 830 at which point I took the dogs out on their final walk. I was back at 910, I packed up several mini quiches which Molly had prepared as a birthday gift. When I got home I shaved and showered. I did some reading before going to sleep.

Thanks everyone for calling or writing wishing me a happy birthday--I'm having a party at Jon S's house at 212 East 83rd at 10PM this Saturday. If you're reading this you're invited (unless of course your some freak off the internet).

Wednesday, June 15th 2005

I got out of bed at 8am, made breakfast, and relaxed until 915 when I left for work. When I arrived at HCID I continued working on updating the database. Brett and I took some pictures of his bathware, the stuff looks good; I hope I get a decent commission out of the deal.

I worked on the resource section until Noon, when Mike came in. Everyone got together for an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meeting. I learned a thing or two about the process of getting your site ranked high on Google.

In case you haven't noticed, when one searches for Doug Cress or Douglas Cress, this blog shows up in the top ten search results. One day I hope to steal the top spot from this guy: Doug Cress In My Family Tree: A Life with Chimpanzees. Needless to say, I'm up against some tough competition.

After the meeting I walked over to the townhouse on E70th. CK is gone until late Thursday night. I made a ham and cheese wrap, called the security company and asked him a few questions about the alarm. I printed out a coupon from Spoofee and walked to 'Best Buy' (or as I like to call it "Retail Prices") on 86th. I purchased a new electric razor, the self cleaning Braun.

I returned to the townhouse, took the dogs on a walk, and hung out. I talked to my brother on the phone and then went out to mail some envelopes. At 515pm I walked to NYSC on 59th and did 5000m on the erg, alternating between one minute high intensity, one minute recovery. Beaten, I returned to the townhouse and showered.

Dinner was at 7pm. Joshua, Marla, Molly, Rosario, myself and BK (5 staff, 1 kid) had a meal consisting of: a large salad, rice, beans, turkey with mushroom gravy, and grilled vegetables. Clean-up with Rosario's help was easy.

At 815 I took Nick and Jack on their final walk. I left work at 910pm. When I got home I browsed the internet and watched an episode of OZ before going to bed.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tuesday, June 14th 2005

I woke at 745 and made a couple of egg and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. I read the news-- I arrived at HCID at 930am.

I spent almost the entire day updating the resource section of the database. It was so boring. I also helped Brett clean his painted porcelain toilet and sink which we had dragged into the living room. I am going to photograph them tomorrow and send the pictures to Christies.

After meeting with Brett for about a half hour I left at 345. I walked over to NYSC on 86th and did a back workout. I took the train home and stopped in at the supermarket before heading over to my apartment. It was not as hot as I thought it would be; I turned on my a/c. I had gotten the Con Edison bill for this past month and was pleased to learn that my electricity cost was not that much higher than in previous months.

I showered and made some food then relaxed around my place. I washed my bedding and some towels in the laundry downstairs. I watched an episode of Oz--that show is kind of rediculous, the plot line is the very unrealistic.

I read some of the Hamilton biography, very good so far, before going to bed.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Monday, June 13th 2005

I got up at 8 am and did my usual morning stuff. I arrived at HCID with my laundry at 930am.

I spent over an hour talking with Brett first thing in the AM. I then started working on the resources section of our Database. I listened to several 'This American Life' episodes while I worked. It was a pretty boring day otherwise. There is no a/c in the area of the office where I work which made for a hot day. I did have a fan blowing on me which made working bearable.

I left at 515 and dropped off my clothes at my house. I then left for Dave's house in Queens. I got good connections on the way over and arrived a little after 6pm. I hung out there until 9pm and went home.

I showered and surfed the internet. I folded my laundry, read some of the Hamiloton biography and went to bed.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Sunday, June 12th 2005

I was up earlier but stayed in bed until 10am. I broke the fast and and read the news. Around 12 I went to NYSC on 91st and did 7500m on the erg along with some stretching.

I walked back to 1799 and stopped in at the Stupidmarket on the way home. Puertoricans were going absolutely crazy today, they were everywhere. I took a shower. Around 3 a friend of mine came over for a late lunch. We hung out most of the day around the apartment; she left at 7pm.

I watched an episode of OZ and then met up with Jon S. at his apartment on 86th. I went with him to get some food. I left at 1015 and took the train home. I went to bed at 1120 after reading some of the Alexander Hamilton biography.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Saturday, June 11th 2005

The weekend dog walker Adam L. woke me up at 730am although I had gotten up at 330 to deactivate the alarm which had started to malfuntion; I did not get the best night's rest. I made breakfast and sat on the computer. I called CK at 9am to check in, he was on his way back from Boston. I swept and hosed off the front and back porch.

Around 10 I walked to NYSC on 59th and did 10k on the erg. I stopped in at 502 to pick up some mail. When I got back to the townhouse I had some cereal and showered. Adam L. came at 1130 to walk the dogs again. When he was back I walked over to 62nd and Broadway and picked up some movie tickets for BK and Rosalinda. It was really uncomfortable and muggy.

CK, BK, and Rosalinda returned at 130pm. I went out with BK and got some paper cups and ice for a lemonade sale. I hung out with BK outside, and then dropped off some shoes for CK at the shoe shiner. I made a car reservation for Rosalinda.

I read the newspaper until 430 when CK asked me to get a van and take some stuff over to Manhattan Ministorage. This took about and hour start to finish. The driver of the van kept talking to me even though I could only comprehend the occasional noun or verb. When I got back to the townhouse I walked the dogs and then read the newspaper until dinner time. We went to a small diner on 67th and Madison, Gardenia. The food was poor.

At 730 I changed into my uniform. KK and his friend came over for drinks with CK and Larry--I helped serve them. At 830 I took Nick and Jack on a short walk. I came back and cleaned up the study, changed and left.

I took the 6 train home and showered. I picked up my apartment a bit before going out. I walked over to Elizabeth A. (Bitty's) apartment on 118 W. 118th St. I met Derek there, Chris R. showed up not long after; I hadn't seen Bitty in several years. We hung out in the uncomfortably hot apartment until 1245 when we five of us climbed into a towncar and headed to Union Sq.

We hit up a dead party and then the bar, Underground, which offered a good scene. I left around 230 and took the six train home. I went to bed at 330.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday, June 10th 2005

I got up at 750am and made a sandwich for breakfast. I got my internet up and running, I read the news and left for work. It was pouring rain when I left. I arrived at 935.

Aside from a few brief conversations with Brett, I spent the morning updating the news on the MicroCap portal. I listened to one and a half episodes of 'This American Life', including a good one on garbage removal. After hearing it, I definately have more respect for the 'SandMen' who keep the streets of NYC clean.

I left at 1235 and went to NYSC on 86th for a little chest and shoulders. At 130 I caught the 6 train to 68th. When I got to the townhouse I bathed Nick and Jack on the patio outside. I then took a shower and ate a sandwich with Rosario.

I took Nick and Jack to the veterinarian at 330. Going to the vet is a bit like going to an MD in that they make you wait forever to see the 'doctor'. I got medicine for Jack and walked home. I chatted with Rosario before she left. I made some food and used the computer recreationally.

At 715 I took Nick on a very long walk down to 100th in the Park. It gets really wooded out there. I walked around the Great Lake. I got home around 9pm, I took Jack out for a few minutes. I got CK's internet up and running before watching tv, showering again and hitting the sack in the guestroom.

Thursday, June 9th 2005

I woke up, dressed, made breakfast and listened to the news. I left for work and arrived by 935am.

I updated news items on the MicroCap portal while listening to an episode of This American Life entitled 'Godless America'. I then had a long meeting with Brett where we discussed a few new avenues of business we may want to pursue.

I left at 115pm and walked over to E70th. I talked to my dad on the way; he told me the hardest part of any business is setting a plan into true. When I got to the townhouse I altered some documents, changed a few addresses, worked on CK's laptop. I had some shrimp, noodles and salad for lunch at 3pm and then took Nick and Jack on a short walk.

Joshua, the personal shopper came over. I helped him move some clothes to the third floor. We organized the staff uniforms and talked. I set up a trash removal service and bought some clear trash bags from 'Gracious Home'. I dropped off a package at Fedex.

I revised the phone and address roster twice and distributed it twice. I took Nick and Jack out on another walk. BK was outside selling lemonade for about an hour and made $15--he went out with KK for the night. Rosalinda, Rosario and myself went out to a thai restaurant for dinner. It was good, I met Rosario's husband who works at the Regency hotel as a hair stylist.

I had to leave during dinner and drop off a set of keys with CK. He was out with Ted at the hospital; the dog caught pneumonia. Upon my return I mopped the kitchen floor and took the Nick and Jack on another short walk. I returned at 910pm and went home. When I got in I showered and tried to fix the internet connection. It has been giving me a lot of grief lately which is very frustrating. I went to bed at 1145.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Wednesday, June 8th 2005

Today I woke up at 810am. I shaved and showered and then made breakfast. I lounged around my apartment, wrote a few emails and at 945 I left for work. I had to get a new 30 day metrocard because I had scratched the magnetic strip on my previous one. I sent the old one back with an explanation of what had happened.

When I got in I reviewed some emails. Brett and I talked about the overall scope of 'Healthcare Investment Digest' for about 2 hours. We reviewed our current status and hopes for the future. We tried to figure out how much we need to do in order to start getting customers to sign up for the service.

I left at 115 and walked over to the townhouse on E70th. When I got in I met with the cable guy. I was busy the entire day; here is a quick run down:

2 trips to radio shack for ink cartridges and a wireless G card
unpacked stools
moved staff computer/staff desk from sun room to 3rd floor
dog walk X3
revision of 5 or so documents
set up clothing rack
tried to get CK's laptop internet access
unloaded dishwasher
shot the shit with James
trip to Fedex
dealt with the Verizon guy, coordinated with our Audio/Video guys

We had dinner at 715, I ate with Molly and Rosario in the kitchen. We had breaded chicken, a large salad, green beans, and a baked potato. I cleaned up, finishing by 820. After the final dog walk I set some mousetraps and left.

I got home at 945 and took a shower. My head hit the pillow at 1115.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Tuesday, June 7th 2005

I got up at 815 and made breakfast. I arrived at HCID by 935 am. I went through some email correspondence and then wrote up an 'action plan' for the 2006 Silent Auction effort. At 11 I went to UPS and shipped a necklace to one of the winners of the auction.

I left at 1215 after a brief discussion with Brett (still waiting to shift gears). I went to NYSC and did a back workout. When I got home I showered and ate. At 215pm I took the 6 train to 59th and met up with Adam at his apartment. We hung out for a bit and then walked over to the Park on the East River at 52nd. At 5pm we returned to his place and waited for Sarah to call.

We met Sarah on 55th and 2nd and went to a Chinese restaurant for some food. Adam ordered 'toothpick chicken skin'. Not suprisingly, they served him fried chicken skin on a toothpick; it would not have been my first choice. After eating we sat in front of the restaurant.

I went home at 730, when I got in I made a bite to eat and watched an episode of Oz. I did some reading and went to sleep at 1130.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Monday, June 6th 2005

I got up at 9am and performed my usual morning routine. I arrived at HCID by 10. Brett is back from Argentina. He spent the day wrapping up loose ends from the HY Polo event. I did so as well. There was not much to keep me busy; soon we will swich gears and move back into Health Care Investment Digest mode.

Brett and I discussed a partnership he wants to form between Charity Network and a modeling agency. Charitable events and gorgeous women seem to go hand in hand; the modeling agency would provide women for events in exhcange for promotion on the world wide web. I hope this deal works out. I cleaned out my gmail inbox and left at 1215.

I hit up NYSC on 86th and did 5000 meters on the erg, 2500 m of which was sprint intervals. I biked for 15 minutes and then left. I stopped in at the Supermarket on the way home and picked up some staples. When I got home I showered and then made a large lunch.

At 230 I took the 6 train to 59th. I went to Radioshack (to buy a small battery for my stereo's remote) and then met up with Adam. We walked to the Ziegfiled theater on W54th to see the 330 showing of 'Star Wars'. The movie was entertaining, the least corny of the last 3 episodes.

After the movie we walked over the 58th and Lex so Adam could return some books to the library. The library was closed and didn't have a drop slot. It had begun to rain so we took the N to 42nd Street and transferred to the 1 train. We stopped in at the 109th Gourmet Deli so Adam could get some forties; I got a burrito. On our way to Rustam's apartment we ran into some of Adam's old friends, Corsha and XXXX. They lived in Plimpton junior year.

They joined us at Rustam's apartment. We hung out there--I met the kid subletting Jess's room for the summer, he lives in the same building at Danny Wilansky. People left at 930 to go get some drinks at some place on W96th. I walked home, it started raining again on the way back. When I got in i made a snack, read the internet and went to sleep.

Sunday, June 5th 2005

I woke up briefly at 8am before falling back asleep until 11am. I listened to the radio while making breakfast. I sat around and read the NYtimes online while eating. At 1250 I left and took the 6 to a NYSC on 91st and 3rd where I rowed 11,000 meters on the erg.

I walked back home and showered. I was pretty exhausted; I made a bunch of food and watched an episode of Oz. At 530 I left for Dave's apartment in Queens. We hung out for a little while and then walked over to a Costco near a park, about 1/2 mile from where he lives. There were good views of Manhattan. We tried to hit up the Costco (the wholesale club had the best views of any I have ever seen) but were unable enter as it had already closed.

We stopped in at C-Town supermarket where I bought some burgers and a loaf 0f bread. Nisha and Adam drove in to meet us. We watched the Simpsons and a new Family Guy. I made some food on the foreman grill.

I left at 950pm--the connections of the way home were bad. I had a copy of the Times and finished 'Founding Brothers' which kept me occupied and content. When I got home I read some more and went to sleep.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Saturday, June 4th 2005

I slept until 930 when I made breakfast and watched the rest of 'Million Dollar Baby'. I wasn't expecting the movie to take the turn it did; kind of depressing if you ask me. I took a shower, dressed and left for the townhouse.

I realized I forgot my cellphone before getting on the train. I walked back up to my 5th-floor apartment, grabbed my phone. I just missed the train on the way back. I made it into work 15 minutes behind schedule at 1245. I had a list of things to do: I brought CK's bike upstairs, went to 'Gracious home' and picked up some picture hanging brackets, a hex wrench, and a few mirrors. I revised BK's schedule, opened CK's mail, and then took Nick and Jack on a walk to 59th and back.

When I got home, Larry and CK had arrived with a new puppy, a three week old boston terrier named Ted. I got the chance to play with the animal later. I wrote up a sheet for administration of Ted's medicine. I cleaned the office area and put a few boxes of stuff away, I mopped the sun room, kitchen and entry. At 5 I went out and placed an order for a handtruck (dolly, what have you), with a "luxury ride" (big inflatable wheels).

I swept up the patio and front of the house. I took Nick and Jack on another walk before dinner, returning by 630. BK, Rosalinda, and myself went on a walk and picked a restaurant on 75th and Lexington called Orsay. I had the chicken and the Orsay salad. The service was slow and the food was okay; they kept my water glass full. I was bored with the company--Marla is more fun as is Myriam.

After returning from dinner I mopped the kitchen and entry. Mopping is a futile activity; there is so much dust in the house the floors become dirty about one hour later. I took Nick and Jack on a walk to 81st and 2nd where I met Jon S. and his friend Larry briefly at a Mexican restaurant. When I returned to the Townhouse I took the dogs upstairs and set the mousetraps and then left.

I went back to my apartment and took a shower. I then took the train over to Jon's apartment. His usual F and M friends (Larry, Wallowick, Erdberg, Benzequin), a couple of members of his fraternity, and a few Laurens were there. Adam rolled through around 11pm.

At 1215 we went out to the bar, Tin Lizzie. It was really loud--I would like to do a study which investigates the effect of music volume on alcohol consumption. I feel people drink more and talk less when music is blasting; the bar manager must have something in mind when they ruin your hearing and curtail any conversation which you wish to engage in. Dave and Drew came through latenight.

I left at 230 and walked home. I went to bed around 330am.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Friday, June 3rd 2005

I woke up at 7am and made some waffles for breakfast. I was still tired from an illness which has decided to linger this past week. I went back to bed at 8 and managed to sleep until 915. My energy was very low, I skipped work at HCID and sat around my apartment. I read the news and watched part of 'Million Dollar Baby'. I did not regret skipping work, as there is little to do at HCID.

I dressed and left for the townhouse on E70th, arriving at 130. When I got in I moved some boxes so a cleaning crew could clean. I then met with the cable guy and helped him locate some wires. I took the dogs on a walk and picked up the mail at 502. I set up CK's bed, swept the front and back of the house, and then took the dogs on another walk.

It was raining slightly when I returned, I brought in the chairs from the table outside. I tried to set up CK's internet by telephone, unsucessfully. I set up CK's tv, helped him move some art, and threw away more boxes.

Molly, Rosalinda, Rosario and myself ate dinner in the kitchen at 7. Molly went to Grace's and got us an assortment of food. I had salmon, a large salad, some pasta and a few fudgesicles for dessert.

After dinner we sat around talking . I cleaned up and mopped. Took the dogs on another walk, changed some lightbulbs, set mousetraps and left. It was a long day, I left out a bunch of little things I had to take care of throughout the day.

We are all longing for the days of doing nothing at work. I was home by 955pm, when I showered and read before going to sleep at 1130.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Thursday, June 2nd 2005

Tom from Metro Audio and Video woke me up with a phone call at 755am. He told me somebody should be at the townhouse in case Verizon shows up. I got dressed, toasted some waffles and ate them on the way to the 6 train.

When I got to 70th, I sat around and chatted with Simon, the security guard. Tom showed up with his crew at 930. I left and walked over to NYSC on 59th and did a chest and shoulder workout. I then grabbed a train home.

I showered and then ate some food...I watched half an episode of Oz and 'read the internet'. I ate lunch at 12pm, I opted not to go to HCID this morning. I left for the townhouse at 115pm, when I got in I called up Verizon and dealt with a dead line which they had failed to install.

I bought some lightbulbs, vacuumed carpets, moved boxes, washed Nick and Jack, and then took them on a walk to 502 Park. I picked up one letter and returned to the house. I spent the next few hours shuffling boxes around with little rest. The day creeped by rather slowly. I practiced piano with BK for 15 mintues.

I took the dogs on another 40 minute walk before dinner. I had to get more mousetraps before I could sit down to eat. Molly, Rosario (the new housekeeper! woohooo!), Rosalinda, BK and myself ate on the patio outside. We had a mixed green salad, rice, a cheese and bean enchilada, and ftuit salad for dessert. Clean-up was easy, as Molly had not prepared this meal.

I set ten mousetraps after dinner (not my favorite activity). I find mousetraps futile, we killed 8 mice yesterday (with 8 traps); there are clearly an endless supply of these rodents. I went to the supermarket with Molly at 8pm and helped her select and then carry back some groceries. I took the dogs out from 830 - 900pm.

I left a little early and rode the train home. I showered, watched the other half of the OZ episode and retired.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Wednesday, June 1st 2005

I got up at 800am and made some scrambled eggs and toast to break the fast. I listened to the news and browsed the internet until 9am when I dressed and left for HCID.

I worked from 930 to 1130am and did not accomplish too much. I talked with a few people on IM and by telephone. At 1130 I took the 6 train back to my house; I stopped on the deli on the way in to get some food. I made lunch at 1799, relaxed for a little over an hour and then left for the townhouse on East 70th.

First thing I did upon arriving was walk to the post office on 54th and 3rd to get some change of address forms. I then picked up the mail at 502 and the mail at another co-op which CK recently sold. When I got back to the townhouse I took the dogs on a walk with Molly.

The place is still a mess. I swept up in the front and in the back patio. There were workers attending to all sorts of details, the movers were moving boxes and furniture most of the day. I helped CK shuffle some items around the home, I set up a desk and computer on the ground level.

At 530 I took the dogs on another walk. When I got back I talked with the new cleaning lady and Rosalinda, I then went to a liquor store to pick up some gin, and then out once again to get some ice. Molly got us an assortment of food from Grace's: swordfish, turkey and gravy, asparagus, assorted mixed vegetables, potatoes. CK ate with BK, Larry and Rosalinda--the rest of us scarfed down food in the kitchen.

Cleanup was virtually nonexistant as we ate on platic plates. At 745 everyone cleared out. I set some mouse traps, ate some more food, and then walked up to 50th and then to the hotel where CK is staying at. I arrived at 845 and took Nick and Jack out. I met Adam at 53rd and Lex, he was just getting out of some temp work at a law firm. We walked to his apartment, I grabbed my backpack and then returned the dogs to The Lenox Hotel on 63rd.

I got home at 1010pm, I showered and read before going to sleep.